GETTR, a Trump Adjacent Media App, Is Immediately Hacked


That didn’t take long. GETTR, an app founded by former Trump spokesman Jason Miller, had barely gotten off the ground before it was hacked. It should come as no surprise. Within the first few hours of its launch, researchers discovered privacy bugs on the site. Roughly a week later, data from more than 90,000 users … Read more

Capital One Hacker Is Now Facing Up to 20 Years in Prison

capital one

Capital One hacker Paige Thompson pulled off one of the biggest heists in history in 2019. Thompson was accused of hacking into the bank’s network and illegally infiltrating over 100 million customer accounts and credit card applications. She allegedly had access to hundreds of thousands of American social security numbers and Canadian social insurance numbers. … Read more

Hacked While Exercising? Peloton Users Were Vulnerable


Where there’s a hacker, there’s a way. Peloton owners have been in danger of being hacked by bad actors. Cybersecurity company McAfee recently revealed a vulnerability that allows hackers to gain remote access to electronic exercise bikes. What’s that mean for you? Let’s take a closer look. McAfee Discovers a Peloton Problem Peloton bikes have … Read more

EA Has Been Hacked – Is Your Data Safe?


Video game publisher Electronic Arts (EA) is the latest big-name company to be hacked. First reported by Vice, the publication stated that hackers stole valuable information from the prominent gaming firm. The cybercriminals allegedly posted news of the data breach on underground hacking forums. What Are the EA Hackers Saying? The hackers claim to have … Read more

CEO Reveals How Easily Colonial Pipeline Hack Could’ve Been Avoided

Joseph Blount

The Colonial Pipeline hack might not have been the largest hack in recent memory–that probably goes to the SolarWinds or Microsoft Exchange hacks. But it was the most disruptive. Consumers panicked within days of the ransomware gang DarkSide breaching the country’s largest fuel pipeline. Gas prices skyrocketed. More than half of the gas stations in … Read more

Corporations Appear to Be Giving Hacker Gangs Exactly What They Want


Experiencing a ransomware attack can be traumatic. Imagine you begin a normal workday, and your company’s entire network is shut down within the next hour. Your business comes to a screeching halt as you start hemorrhaging money with every passing second. Suddenly, a message materializes on your computer screen. It’s a hacker telling you your … Read more

DHS Issues Groundbreaking Cybersecurity Regulations After Colonial Hack


The federal government is not pleased. The massive disruption caused by the Colonial Pipeline attack has stepped in with groundbreaking new regulations for pipeline companies. The Department of Homeland Security Takes a Stand Officials from the agency told The Washington Post that pipeline companies would be required to report incidents of cyber vulnerabilities to officials. … Read more

Did DarkSide Hackers Just Apologize For Hacking a U.S. Oil Pipeline?


After shutting down the largest oil pipeline in the United States, ransomware group DarkSide wants you to know they’re not bad people. The hacker group posted a message today explaining their motives or lack thereof. While the message certainly wasn’t labeled an ‘apology,’ it, at the very least, contained hints of remorse. DarkSide Sends a … Read more

SmileDirect Reveals the Outrageous Cost of Getting Hacked

SMile Direct

The cost of doing business is high. But, as SmileDirect just learned, that cost rises exponentially if you’ve been hacked. After announcing that it was dealing with a cybersecurity incident yesterday, the stock price of SmileDirectClub Inc (SDC) took a massive hit. And that’s just one of the many high costs that small, mid-size, and … Read more

Hackers Display Their Boldness by Hitting D.C. Police With Ransomware


Hackers have hit the police department, which protects the president’s city (Washington D.C.), in a ransomware scheme. Such an attack underscores the new fearlessness that hackers discovered during the pandemic. Cybercriminals are now targeting the people who are supposed to stop them. If President Biden still intends to ‘send a message,’ now is the time. … Read more