New Acer Windows 10 Laptops to Compete With Chromebooks

windows-10-laptops-priced-same-as-chromebooks-competitionWindows 10 is not looking to be Microsoft’s flagship money maker, but rather its reintroduction into a market which now abounds with viable competitors. When the company rose to prominence throughout the 90s, it did not struggle with a great deal of competition. Apple had reached a standstill and would only truly resume its rise when it came out with the iPod. In the meantime, the Windows desktop would for the most part define computing for a generation of people coming up in the late 90s and early 2000s, with a fringe element moving toward things like Linux. A sizable and dedicated following also continued to stick with Macintosh through the ages.

In today’s market, there is more competition. Linux netbooks and Google Chromebooks sit side by side with Apple Macbooks and Windows notebooks in a given coffee shop in San Francisco. Microsoft no longer enjoys the domination it once did, and the disruption that Google has caused overall has made it such that, once again, it seems anything can happen. A new competitor could drop in from the sky tomorrow, because the truth is that the user no longer cares about the desktop they’re using for the most part.

Most experiences now take place on the web. This is a situation that Microsoft helped pioneer with Hotmail, but Google really propelled forward with Gmail, Gtalk, and what later became Google Drive. These apps made the Internet itself the important thing, rather than the device connecting to it. Google created this paradigm and then launched a series of hardware devices to capitalize on it, from the Nexus series of Android devices to its numerous official Chromebook stacks.

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Making the desktop irrelevant has clearly had an effect on Microsoft’s market share. While still the overwhelmingly dominant shareholder, Apple, Linux, and Google have all crept in over time, representing a more and more significant portion of web traffic. Now, to compete, Microsoft has released Windows 10 as a free update to Windows 8. There is no purchasing a standalone copy of Windows 10 at this time. The best you can do is to buy a Windows 8 device and upgrade it. At the moment.

But what comes next will be interesting. As Microsoft has severely limited the cost of its Windows 10 software, the cost of new devices running the software will be likewise reduced. Acer is planning to run a line of Windows 10 notebooks that are competitive in price to its line of Google Chromebook devices. The paradigm has traditionally been quite different from this, with Windows often enough running on the more expensive hardware. Now it seems that Microsoft wants to compete wherever a user is clicking a mouse, and the cheap netbook sector should be no exception. Acer will be running two Windows 10 laptops – one for $169 and one for $199. Prices like these will make anyone consider buying one, especially if the functionality rates according to reviews.



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