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Netflix Outage Sees This Weekend’s Binge Watching Die

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Netflix Outage Sees This Weekend’s Binge Watching Die


This article was posted on Saturday, 22:01, UTC.

Netflix goes down and the world erupts in collective despair.

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This Saturday afternoon (Eastern Time), Netflix went offline. Not entirely offline. The homepage still loads, with a big buffet offering of Netflix original TV shows and movies.


This spread is just a tease, however, as users are instead greeted with an error message in any attempt to use the streaming service.


This weekend’s Luke Cage binge, disrupted.

Netflix has acknowledged the outage with a social media post that read:

Hi all – we are aware of streaming issues and we are working quickly to solve them. We will update you when they are resolved.

Predictably, the internet’s hipster corner Twitter blew up with complaints, memes and discussion, with users from around the world showing grief.

Dear I hate you. Now I actually have to study

5m5 minutes ago

Netflix is down, my weekend has been ruined.

7m7 minutes ago

So I’m binge watching “Luke Cage” on and the site goes down. WTH?

7m7 minutes ago

Worldwide outage. rats.

1m1 minute ago

Netflix is still down!!! God is really making me have to be productive now ?

1m1 minute ago

Netflix is down on a Saturday night ?

44m44 minutes ago

Website outage checker DownDetector cites nearly 50,000 reports over the past hour from all over the world, as frustrations mount.

Reasons behind the outage are still unknown. The outage affects Netflix’s services on its website, Chromecast and PlayStation apps (platforms that I could verify connectivity on). However, Netflix’s mobile application, particularly on Android, still works.

To confirm, streaming is accessible via Netflix’s Android application, which throws up further questions behind the service’s weekend outage. Is the reason behind the downtime a DDoS attack? Probably not, as the homepage is still functional. Perhaps the DDoS attack is targeting Netflix’s servers or any one of its content delivery network (CDN) providers. Still, that should ostensibly see Netflix knocked off all platforms, including Android.

Most users wouldn’t care to know the reason behind the outage, of course, as long as Netflix is back up and beaming again.

In the meantime, there’s always room for topical humor.

Want to see Trump ratings drop? Tie him to Netflix going down on this rainy Saturday.

6m6 minutes agoWashington, DC

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