NEO Price Up 12% as Veteran Microsoft Dev Joins Seattle Office

NEO (NEO) gained 12.6% on Saturday fresh off the news that a former Microsoft developer joined the project’s newly founded Seattle office.

Harry Pierson spent over twenty years at Microsoft before announcing his departure on his personal blog this week. NEO founder Da Hongfei tweeted the news on Friday coinciding with a healthy pump for NEO, which was the top gainer among major altcoins on the day.

Former Microsoft Developer Joins Seattle Office

Known as ‘DevHawk’, the NEO team announced the arrival of Pierson on Friday, tweeting:

“NGD Seattle hiring update After 20+ years career at Microsoft, the Founding PM of IronPython for .NET and of xLang, Harry Pierson, is onboard NEO! Let’s welcome @DevHawk!!”

Pierson was a key part of several major projects at Microsoft, where he spent over twenty years. Pierson wrote a goodbye letter on his personal blog, and speaking of his move, he wrote:

“I’m joining NEO Global Development’s brand new Seattle office (which is really in Redmond). NEO is a community driven open source project delivering the technical underpinnings for the Smart Economy. NEO Global Development (aka NGD) is the technical R&D arm of the NEO Foundation, the project’s governing body. I’m going to be the Chief Architect for the Seattle office.”

Pierson will be joining his former colleague John deVadoss who made the move to NEO’s Seattle office previously. deVadoss is the Director of NEO Global Development’s (NGD) Seattle office, with Pierson joining as Chief Architect.

The Push Towards 3.0

NEO has been on something of a recruitment drive of late. The search began last month for a global Tech Lead to work directly with co-founders Da Hongfei and Zhang Erik. The term ‘Blockchain 3.0’ is a hot buzzword right now, and NEO is chasing its own v3.0 in the coming year.

Pierson won’t be directly involved with the core 3.0 update – which will demand that all holders swap their existing coins for new ones. However, he does foresee his duties overlapping at points:

“While developer experience will be my primary focus, I also expect to pitch in on the core NEO platform. NEO 3.0 development is already in full swing. Core platform might not be my focus, but platform capabilities and developer experience go hand in hand. I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunity to contribute to the core as we work towards our 3.0 release.”

Read more here on what the 3.0 update is expected to bring in Q2 of 2020.


From Friday night’s low of $12.61, the dollar value of the coin increased to $14.20 by Saturday morning. That 12.6% increase fell away slightly as the price reverted to $13.91, leaving it on 10% gains for the day.

CoinMarketCap reports daily volume as high as $600 million. More conservative estimates on OpenMarketCap place it closer to $34 million.

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