Money Making Course Now Available: Discount for Members

I’ve spent most of my time this spring creating an online course on The course explains how I personally have built wealth and how I have succeeded with my businesses (CCN and Hacked). This course is going to evolve over time, and I hope MoneyMakers will become a large network of people that are focused on becoming financially independent. The course on is specially designed for members. It’s not a tutorial on trading, nor on cryptocurrencies, but a tutorial on proven methods to gain wealth, including entrepreneurship and investing.

I do not preach bullshit, the course on MoneyMakers will give you hard facts. Facts that can change your own life. Building wealth takes time, so be prepared to have a long time horizon.

MoneyMakers and Hacked go hand in hand. MoneyMakers as an in depth course service, Hacked as a community and provider of exclusive information. The course offers a free trial of the first chapter, and all Hacked members can get a 25% discount by signing up with the discount code “hacked25”.

If you enrol in the course, I would be very happy with feedback on the content so I can improve it. And of course, if you are unhappy with the course I will refund you the entire course fee, no questions asked!

I will continue to create synergies between MoneyMakers and, and soon we will host events where you are all invited.

Possibilities for Hacked Members:

  1. Are you an expert in your field? Do you have a proven way on how to make money? I will allow experts to create their own courses on and set up a shared revenue deal.
  2. Have you taken the course on and want to become an affiliate? Email me!

You can reach me on [email protected] or [email protected]

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