Money Makers Club to Launch: 10 Seats Available

I’ve recently launched a course on where 100+ students have enrolled. The course is great to get you going, but I’ve personally missed a place where I can get to know people on a more individual level. I’m creating a Money Makers Club that will launch on June 15th. The club is meant for people that would like to connect with equally minded individuals, help and support each other to reach our own personal goals.

I want to have such a group on my own to interact with people, get ideas, learn from what they are doing. What worked? What failed? And, can we do anything together?

The club will start small with 10 people, and we will evolve it as time goes. The grand idea is to have multiple small groups of 10 people with a larger summit each year including talented speakers. And to create a network and sense of strong unity between members.

This is truly something I am passionate about, get people out of their 9-5 mentality and give examples of WHAT ACTUALLY WORKS.

The Money Makers Club will not discuss trading. We will rather discuss long term investments, investment plans, entrepreneurial ideas, and maybe create a mutual investment fund. This club is for long term growth, NO QUICK WINS. Sorry to say it, but building wealth (AND KEEPING IT) takes time.

If you are interested in joining the club, please visit this link.

Remember, this club is limited to 10 people only to begin with. If all members are happy with the club, we will expand it to other individuals. If members are unhappy with the club, I will shut it down within 3 months and refund all the membership fees without a question.

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