Monero Price Analysis: XMR/USD Slips Below Crucial Daily Support Ahead of System Update

  • Monero’s navitve token XMR is forced to breach a key area of support by the market bears.
  • XMR/USD was being support by an ascending trend line, running from 14th August.
  • The Monero foundation is scheduled for a routine network upgrade.

Monero Network Update

The Monero foundation is scheduled to update its network on 18th October, as a result this will be bringing a new hard fork to its token. They have been making it a routine process now, hard forking every six months. Their focus being on the likes of increased ring-size for more privacy, with large transactions and tweaking their proof of work algorithm.

In terms of this upgrade, the goal is to enhance efficiency and make some adjustments to the current proof of work algorithm. Ultimately, to make it resistant and curb the threat of ASIC mining. Developers at Monero will be implementing the new Bulletproofs protocol. This will see greater privacy, lower fees and faster verification. It will reduce transaction size by an estimated 80%.

Technical Review – Daily Chart

XMR/USD daily chart

XMR/USD slipped out to the downside from an ascending trend line. As a result, the market bears managed to push for a breach and daily close below on 7th October. The support had been running since 14th August, where the price hit a low of $76.739.  A retest has been seen and pressure is now gradually mounting on Monero’s XMR. In terms of support, the 50DMA has provided some initial comfort for now. Furthermore, the next major downside support is observed in a chunky demand area. This is seen tracking from $86 down to $76. Resistance will now be eyed at $116.550 area, underneath the breached ascending trend line. In proximity to the 100DMA, which may cause some difficulty for the bulls. Elsewhere, further to the north, resistance can be seen within the $125.000 territory. Finally, heavy supply is tracking from $140 up to $150.

Technical Review – 4-hour Chart

XMR/USD 4-hour chart

Despite the above-mentioned daily breakout from the supporting trend line, there is still some hope for XMR/USD in the near-term, because from looking at the 4-hour chart view, the price has been moving within a range-bound block. This narrowing area has been running since 26th September. Fortunately for the price, a fresh wave of selling pressure has been prevented for now.  The lower part of the mentioned range has proven to see some near-term support. Therefore, the protection has been observed from around $112 to the high $111 territory. Although, a breach of this area could see a fast fall back down to sub $100, last traded below here on 12th September. While further downside pressure could force a retreat back down to a firm demand zone. Eyes would be on $86-77 range for buying.

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