Monero Price Analysis: XMR/USD is Stable and Gunning for Potential Gains on “Bulletproofs” Technology Update Day

  • Monero developers have released an updated version to their protocol, implementing “Bulletproofs”.
  • XRM/USD is within a range block, with price behavior suggesting of a potential imminent breakout higher.

Monero Becoming First Crypto Over Billion-Dollar Market Cap Implementing “Bulletproofs”

Developers at the Monero foundation, have released an updated version to the protocol. This will be live from 18th and 19th October. They are becoming the first network to try out “bulletproofs”. The goal of this technology is to significantly decrease the weight of confidential transactions. From today, 18th October, the privacy-focused cryptocurrency will be testing this.

The move from Monero will make them the first crypto with over a billion-dollar market cap, to try out the “bulletproofs” technology. Over the past year, the foundation has been working on cutting the size of its confidential transactions, by at least 80 percent.  A full overview of the upgrade was posted in a blog post by Monero.

The purpose of bulletproofs are to facilitate confidential transactions. Senders and recipients addresses will remain visible, but the amounts being sent is concealed. The technology also aims to reduce transaction times and fees.

Sarang Noether, a spokesperson for Monero and a key part of the bulletproof integration, was recently speaking on the upgrade. He noted that “Bulletproofs will be replacing the “zero-knowledge range proofs”, of which their confidential transactions are reliant on. The cryptocurrency will activate the technology during its next system-wide upgrade, or hard fork. An upgrade that will require nodes to adopt a new software. Furthermore, Sarang added, “hard forks are sometimes colored as a risky process. However, this upgrade is part of Monero’s bi-annual cycle to introduce new features.”

Technical Review – 4-hour Chart

XMR/USD 4-hour chart

XRM/USD for the past going on three sessions now has been trading within a tight range-block. This trading behavior coming after the aggressive movements seen just some days before. On 11th October the price had spiked over 10% lower. To then enter a tight range, which saw a huge breakout, jumping around 20% high. Over half of this spike to the upside was reversed, moving into the three-session range as mentioned above.

Looking to the upside, eyes will be on another range-breakout. Bulls will be wanting to retest the breached supporting trend line. An attempt was made during the rally seen on 15th October, however strong resistance was observed. In terms of support, this can be eyed at the lower part of the current range, around $107.50. If the bears pile enough pressure, it vcould see a fast move back to $100, then further south below demand area from $86-76.

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