Mobile Application Wakie Starts Your Day Off Right

Wakie is a mobile phone application that allows people from around the world to wake other people up, just like an alarm clock. It’s currently on Google Play, the Windows Store, and, as of two weeks ago, the App Store. Wakie is an interesting idea with a ton of potential. This review is for the iPhone application.

How it Works


If you are already awake and want to wake someone else up, you’re called a Wakie. You can navigate to the center button, which shows a number. This is the number of people who need to be woken up. Once you tap the button, you are brought to a page where you tap ‘Wake someone up’. Once connected to someone (which could take any amount of time, but for me is usually one minute), a recording tells you that you’ll have one minute to wake up your Sleepy.


If you’re looking to be woken up, you’re a Sleepy. You can set an alarm, as well as a backup alarm, under a tab called ‘Alarms.’ For example, I have an alarm set for 6:00 AM on weekdays with a backup alarm for 6:05 AM, and on weekends for 10:00 AM with a backup alarm for 10:30 AM. Then, when the time comes, you’ll receive a call from a Wakie within +/- 5 minutes of the time you set.


Wakie does its job well. Its functionality works almost totally as expected, with a few minor issues. I love the premise of it: a community of people waking each other up in a positive atmosphere. I have had very few negative experiences being a Wakie, and none being a Sleepy.


  • Calling works almost flawlessly– I can be notified that a Sleepy needs to be woken up, and once I call them, I am connected to them quickly.
  • The community discussion feature is a nice way to communicate with others who use the app.
  • It’s exciting to wake up others from around the world and have a short chat with them.
  • It’s a good way to practice something you’re interested in. You can wake someone up by telling them a joke or by playing them a song. Afterwards, you can ask them what they thought of it and if they have any suggestions. Wakie provides a great setting to bring out creativity. You may wake up three Sleepies by singing to them, and then waking up another few by cheerfully saying ‘wake up wake up it’s gonna be a great day!’.
  • If there is no Wakie available to wake you up, a pre-recorded message will wake you up, ensuring you receive a wake up call no matter what.
A screenshot of the iPhone application Wakie. The page shows that the screenshotted user has woken up 9 people, has been waken up 7 times, and has a total call time of 7 minutes.
The profile page on Wakie

Things to be improved

  • While the app does not show your phone number to your Wakie when you get a call (you’re connected through Wakie’s number), if your voicemail says your number in it and your Wakie reaches your voicemail, your Wakie will hear it. Wakie is aware of this problem, and says, “Please adjust your voicemail greeting so it does not contain your phone number. Please be aware Wakie is not responsible for users’ actions related to voicemail settings on their phones. Developers are working to improve the system which recognizes and bypasses voicemails. This issue will be resolved in the near future.”
  • Wakie is only available in America, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hong Kong, and Singapore, however they are working on becoming available in more countries and languages.
  • Some Sleepies abuse Wakie and use it just to talk to people, not to be woken up. It can be annoying to call the same person three times in a row who is already awake. Potential solutions to this problem would be to either A) make a user wait a few hours after they set their alarm for it to be activated, or B) Not allow a user to have an alarm go off more than X times a day.
  • A bug I’ve found is that it is extremely difficulty to turn off an alarm you’ve set. When you try to switch it off, it will automatically switch back on. I’ve discovered that you can turn it on or off by holding down the switch to turn it on/off and moving it slowly in the opposite direction. An easier solution is to delete the alarm.

Overall, using Wakie is a very enjoyable experience. I love how people work together to create an atmosphere full of excitement and energy. As stated above, Wakie is a simple way to start your day off on a positive note.

YouTube video from BBC Click. Images from Wakie and Shutterstock.

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