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Video: Microsoft Ends PC-Mac War with Apple, for the Holidays

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Video: Microsoft Ends PC-Mac War with Apple, for the Holidays


This article was posted on Tuesday, 18:10, UTC.

It’s officially December and the spirit of the holidays was seen in one Microsoft holiday commercial where the PC manufacturer took time to embrace Apple to spread the festive cheer.

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It proved to be an unusual sight. On November 16, Microsoft Store employees walked up Fifth Avenue to literally embrace Apple employees. The PC manufacturer decided to deliver a “special message to some old friends.”


A group of Microsoft Store employees accompanied by a local children’s youth choir in New York City walked up Fifth Avenue to sing ‘Let There be Peace on Earth.’ The gesture and cheer is commonly seen at this time of year but it didn’t stop amused onlookers from cheering and taking pictures of the unusual sighting when Microsoft and Apple employees embraced during a chilly New York evening.

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After decades of prioritizing software, Microsoft has only recently started to truly embrace the hardware market, one dominated by Apple across different platforms. While it’s unlikely that Microsoft has waved a white flag at the behemoth that Apple has now become, it is a good sight to see some harmony spread around, all the same.

Video and image courtesy of Youtube/Microsoft.

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