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Why I Am Looking to Invest in Cambodian Real Estate – Part 2

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Why I Am Looking to Invest in Cambodian Real Estate – Part 2


This article was posted on Sunday, 12:15, UTC.

Once you have decided that Cambodian real estate is something you would like to explore more, the next question is how should you go about it. An important thing to take note of is that many emerging or frontier markets, especially in Asia, are characterized by a rapidly growing number of expats, but with very few housing options available on the market that meets international standards.

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Cambodian real estate market

As such, there is a nice little niche in the market for buying up Cambodian local-style apartments in good locations at low prices, and renovating them to an international standard. You can then either rent it out yourself to well-paid expats working for example in the finance or oil & gas sector, or you can put it back on the market and sell it to a different class of customers, be it expats or younger locals seeking western luxuries. In fact, some people are claiming that Cambodia is one of few places where it’s still possible to make a profit flipping apartments in this way.

The obvious benefit of flipping homes in emerging countries like Cambodia is that you take advantage of the extremely low labor cost compared to what you are used to from home. When renovating in order to flip, you need to keep costs down, which can be very hard thing to accomplish in any Western market.

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