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Logi, the Rebranded Logitech, Announces its First Product

Logi, the Rebranded Logitech, Announces its First Product

by P. H. MadoreJuly 15, 2015

Logitech-logi-first-product-blokLogitech recently announced that some of its products would be released under a new brand name, Logi.

Now the company has announced the first product from this line, a drop-proof iPad case. The case reportedly can withstand drops from up to six feet in height. The company also has two cases available for the iPad 2 line of products, one with a flap.

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The Logi brand represents a goal shift at Logitech, as it seeks to develop new types of products. Logitech is traditionally associated with computer accessories like mice and keyboards, rather than with accessories for other platforms. Chief Design Officer Alastair Curtis said of the brand:

[…] Whether we as a company completely transition to Logi over the next two or three years is yet to be seen.

According to the same interview, the company is looking into moving beyond just peripheral products, and moving out into the whole experience of using electronics. This would explain the new cases, and later, other developments for mobile devices.

The new product line is called Blok and is available from prices between $39.99 and $129.99.

Images from Pixabay and Logitech.

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