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Lock Picking at Cybersecurity Conference Def Con

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Lock Picking at Cybersecurity Conference Def Con


When you think of lock picking you might not put it with a cybersecurity conference such as Def Con. However, the recent conference in Sin City demonstrated that the traditional method of picking locks is essential to teaching individuals how to protect machines from digital threats letting them unleash their inner child.

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With remote attacks over the Internet being blocked through improved security, opportunistic hackers are searching for ways to deliver malicious software physically instead. Being able to crack a digital system, though, requires a level of skill and finesse, which is why it’s ideal for the good guys to know how to pick locks so that they can defend against it.

It’s no wonder then that at the recent Las Vegas Def Con cybersecurity conference there was a section dedicated specifically to hands-on lock picking.

CIO reported how this was just one such area that broke away from the norm at a cybersecurity conference that annually attracts thousands of people. It’s easy to see why.

From lock picking to puzzle badges that have a wealth of puzzles to decipher to supercomputers undertaking the first hacking tournament, Def Con is certainly a place that likes to do things differently letting each person’s inner child break free.

That, however, is not to say that it doesn’t focus on the important bits too as it does bring attention to encryption, firewalls and the digital side of security as well.

At the end of the day, though, Def Con is, as CIO reported, ‘like a summer camp for mischievously gifted and talented kids after they grow up.’

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