Livestreaming Starts Tomorrow: I’ll Make a Lot of Money or Lose a Substantial Sum

!Notice! Do not copy my trades unless you:

  • Are a member of the 33% Club
  • Have money to lose in excess of what you are pledging to the 33% Club

This coming week I’ll be livestreaming all my trades using CFD on I’ll try to continue with my successful 2% strategy. So far I’m up 18% in the last week starting at 650 000 NOK and ending up with 766 000 NOK on Friday, shorting and buying indexes, currency pairs and gold. The strategy I’m following is highly risky and I do not recommend the same strategy if you do not have money to lose. Remember our golden rule: Never Lose Money. However, if you are in a position like me, with an increasing monthly income, a good bank roll, and are able to pledge 33% of your monthly income to the 33% Club AND pay your debts, this could be a good (or bad) opportunity for you.

I’ll start livestreaming one hour before Dax will open tomorrow at 08:00 CEST. I will end the live session around 16:30 CEST one hour after Dow Jones has opened (if everything has gone my way). I will continue these sessions throughout the week.

You will be able to follow my trades, see when I enter and when I exit a market. See how much money I win or lose. You can copy my trades, but be aware: I’m entering and exiting markets quite rapidly, so stay alert. And be aware: You may end up losing money (just like I may end up losing money).

I will post the youtube link on and on Workplace tomorrow.

Disclaimer: You can not hold me responsible for losses. Always do your own due diligence and only trade with money you can lose.

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