Litecoin Price Analysis: One Last Safety Net Ahead of $20 Territory


  • Litecoin has been further slammed, dropping 35% over the past two weeks of trading.
  • Should near-term demand area of $35-33 fail to hold, it will be very punishing.

The Litecoin price remains firmly on the back foot, one of the standout under-performers in this current bear market, against some of the other major altcoins. LTC/USD has dropped a chunky 35% over the past going on 2 weeks now. Market bears have been pilling in since the big rejection, after trying to escape out of a bearish pennant pattern. This was attempted on 7th November, the upper trend line of the pennant proved to be too tough.

LTC/USD daily chart

Just a few sessions ago, LTC/USD collapsed through the lower support on the above-mentioned pattern. This was seen around the $49 mark, where the bears came pilling through to further crumble Litecoin. The price plummeted through a strong prior acting demand zone. It was tracking from the big psychological $50 area, down to $47 territory. Bulls had propped LTC/USD on occasions in August, September and October, leading the price on to make decent gains from the noted zone.

LTC/USD 4-hour chart

Between 15-18th November, price action did enter a temporary form of consolidation. As mentioned in the previous article , LTC/USD was trading within a range block, which was very much vulnerable to a breakout south, having since proved to be the case. It was eyed also as a bearish flag pattern set up, where sellers took a deep breather, ahead of the continued deep move south. LTC/USD lost over 15% from that consolidation area to current levels.

Key Support

LTC/USD weekly chart

Looking to the downside, eyes are locked in on the price range of $35 down to $33. The LTC/USD pair had consolidated within this area from June to August 2017, before being off on its journey north. In September 2017 this demand area proved required support for the bulls to continue their stampede higher. A failure to hold here will be very punishing to say the least. LTC/USD could be forced back down to $29 territory. The price was last seen here in June 2017.

Upside Barriers

There are now some big challenges ahead for LTC/USD, if it wants to return to heightened levels. During this bear market observed throughout this year, price action has formed new areas of resistance. It has all been uncharted territory, and unlike the 2017 bull run, there will be barriers that need to be broken for greater upside. The gains seen last year were not too challenging to achieve, as there was no history there for the bulls to deal with.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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