Litecoin Price Analysis: If Current Demand Zone Fails to Hold Then Next Stop is $3

  • LTC/USD is at serious danger of another hard fall should the range-block seen be breached.
  • Back in December 2013, the price was at current levels and fell down to $1 over a two-year period.

Litecoin has been heavily weighted to the downside of late. The selling pressure intensified through the month of November. This month, December, has seen the pace of that bearish trend intensify. As a result, LTC/USD is trading at its lowest levels seen since May 2017. These moves of course are very much in-line with the rest of the market that has been in decline since the back-end of 2017 – start of 2018. Litecoin is down well over 90% from the start of this decline.

Deadly Range-Block

LTC/USD 4-hour chart

LTC/USD was allowed some time to breath after the chunky pressure south, through November. The price stabilized from 25th November, to then move into range-trading. This was the case right up until 6th December. Confined within a range-block, which technically trend to occur after such excessive movement, to then be resumed in that original aggressive trend of direction. The most recent, moving between a low of $29 to a high of $36, ahead of the firm breach lower on 6th December. This resulted in the price moving down to another fresh low of $22.55, on 7th December.

Once again, a similar observation can be seen via the 4-hour chart view. Since the 7th December, some stabilization has materialized. Currently it is shaping up another range-block, which is subject to a further extensive move to the downside. The low within this new formation, can be seen around the $23 mark; to the upside, this is capped at $28. A breakout south from this block could catastrophic and much more damaging than the prior. There isn’t much in the way of support for quite some way lower, should the price not be able to defy the odds and break higher from the block.

Downside Targets

LTC/USD weekly chart

Should the bears maintain the current course of downside, then the lower support of the current range will be broken. As an extreme target south, eyes could be on a complete reversal of the 2017 bull run. This could see another 500% drop, this of course being a worse case scenario for LTC/USD. Given how fast the bulls ran up to the north, it can come back down just as hard. Back in December 2013, the price was around current levels within the $20 territory. The bears pushed for a hard fall of over 200%, down to $1 territory, over a two year period.

Disclaimer: The author owns bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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