Lisk Pumps 20% on Release of Wallet Hub; LSK Volume Hits Five-Month High

Lisk (LSK) reaped the benefits of the release of its newly updates mobile wallet and desktop hub on Thursday, as the coin price gained 20% against the dollar.

Lisk has been around since early 2016, and positioned itself as a possible ‘Ethereum Killer’ by building with the more accessible Javascript programming language, and focusing on sidechains for blockchain scalability.

Lisk Desktop Hub and Mobile Wallet

As per Thursday’s tweet by the Lisk team, the new desktop hub will bring together the various features of the Lisk community into one accessible package.

The hub functions as a standard crypto wallet, allowing the storage and transfer of LSK coins. It also includes a direct interface to the Lisk delegates – with whom you can stake your LSK in exchange for an estimated 3.9% yearly return.

Adding to the hub’s all-in-one cache of features is the ability to create and launch sidechains direct from the interface. An integrated news feed and blockchain explorer are also included.

The newly updated mobile version of the Lisk wallet is less heavy on features, however it includes the ability to send LSK via Apple’s iMessage app. The wallet can also be secured with face and/or fingerprint ID.

Lisk Price History

After hitting a coin price of $8.29 within the first month of its launch, Lisk proceeded to lose 98.49% of its value heading into the market dip of December 2016. The drop saw the coin price sink to a measly $0.124482 in the process.

The next year told a radically different story as LSK gained 31,478% over twelve months, eventually peaking at its all-time high to date of $39.31 on January 7th, 2018.

This time around, the bear market swiped 97.32% from Lisk’s value as the coin price fell to a yearly low of $1.05 in the first week of February.


Just over a month later LSK is back in the $1.60 price range – on Thursday March 14th gained just under 20% as the coin price jumped from $1.37 to $1.64. The surge was accompanied by an increase to trade volume not seen since last October as just over $10 million changed hands.

The highest concentration of trades came through Binance’s LSK/BTC pair, with Bitcoin trades accounting for over 70% of the daily total. Korean won, ETH and Polish złoty (PLN) trades made up the rest.

Outwith trade recommendations, Lisk has only been covered a small handful of times in the past year on Hacked. Back in August the launch of Lisk’s mainnet resulted in a 32% surge; while more recently the project’s head of marketing, Thomas Schouten, spoke out in response to an analyst’s claims that Lisk was over-hyped – winning praise for his refreshing honesty in the process.

This week, representatives from Lisk will be attending the University of Hong Kong’s Blockchain Meetup, while Lisk co-creator Max Kordek also took to the stage during the TOKEN2049 event, which got underway on March 13th.

Disclaimer: The author owns Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. He holds investment positions in the coins, but does not engage in short-term or day-trading.

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