Legally Slash Your Taxes with Flag Theory – Part 1

Legally Slash Your Taxes with Flag Theory – Part 1

There are lots of different ways to earn money. You can get a job and set aside part of your paycheck every month, for example 33% as we advocate here on Hacked. You can also set up your own business and create something of lasting value for yourself. But what if your country doesn’t respect your right to keep your hard-earned money? With the power of freely available information online these days, you can legally avoid these high taxes and even grow your money through the use of Flag Theory.

What is Flag Theory?

Flag Theory is a concept that allows open-minded and forward-thinking entrepreneurs to increase their income all while keeping their assets safe from unreasonable taxation, declining currencies, and inflation. It is essentially taking your business and establishing it in a place where you are “treated best”.

A ‘flag’ is a place in the world where you have setup a part of your life, and the goal of this is to diversify your affairs, both personal and financial, so that not one country has control over you or your money, thus keeping them safe for your own personal use.

An advantage of this is that if you put parts of your wealth in different locations around the world, you will not be tied down to one government who can control how you spend your money. Instead, as a foreigner in the country your money is held, you will not be liable to pay their taxes and other fees, allowing you to keep your savings intact. This will give you the freedom to choose what you want to do with your hard-earned money.

The concept is indeed not a new one, but with power of the internet, cheap travel, and globalization, it has become increasingly relevant for ordinary people with small businesses who want to maximize their freedom. In this two-part series, we will explain how you can take advantage of this concept previously known only by the millionaires and billionaires of society.

History of Flag Theory

The term ‘Flag Theory’ was originally coined by the famous American investor Harry Schultz. His book Tax Exile was controversial when it first came out as it advised people on how to legally skirt around the tax laws implemented by the US Government.

The original theory started out with three flags, and the idea got picked up and popularized by an author hiding behind the pseudonym William G. Hill through a book series published during the 1980s and 90s. These books were sold through classified advertising through The Times in order to avoid any backlash.

Later in the 80s, Hill together with Schultz published a book called: PT: A Coherent Plan for a Stress Free, Healthy and Prosperous Life without Government Interference, Taxes or Coercion. This book had seven editions throughout its publication.

The duo was not done, and in 1993 published another book titled: PT2: The Practice: Freedom and Privacy Tactics: A Reference Handbook. What these two books had in common was that they were aiming to help people plan their finances a lot better than what was perceived to be ‘normal’ at the time.

Why should you use Flag Theory?

Before you decide that Flag Theory is not for you, think about this; with Flag Theory, you can achieve goals you have never thought possible. This can include legally decreasing or even eliminating the taxes you pay, allow you to move freely around the world, reclaiming your privacy and preserve and even generate more wealth from your business.

Original Three Flags

In the original theory, there were three flags that were meant to help people accomplish these objectives:

  • Flag 1: Second passport. Find a country that does not tax income earned outside of their borders and establish your citizenship there.
  • Flag 2: A safe and secure place for key assets. Establish your business in a stable, low or no tax country to help you maximize your profits.
  • Flag 3: A legal address in a tax haven. Property in said country.

Additional flags

Later on, WG Hill added an additional two flags and came up with the term “Flag Theory”. The additional flags were:

  • Flag 4: Asset Haven. This is where you keep your money. Ideally a place where there is relatively low to no taxes on capital gains.
  • Flag 5: Playgrounds. When you have money, you are free to spend it however and on whatever you like. Playgrounds can refer to a place or country that will allow you to spend your money how you see fit, without having to pay ridiculously high consumption taxes like sales tax or VAT.

In the next part of this series, we will cover the modern concept of flag theory and how young entrepreneurs from all over the world right now are taking advantage of this to grow and protect their money.

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Fredrik Vold is an entrepreneur, financial writer, and technical analysis enthusiast. He has been working and traveling in Asia for several years, and is currently based out of Beijing, China. He closely follows stocks, forex and cryptocurrencies, and is always looking for the next great alternative investment opportunity.