Komodo Jumps 15% as Get Cred Rolls Out Two-for-One KMD

Komodo (KMD) rose 15% in value over the morning of Wednesday, Aug 29th, recovering to a three-week high in the process. Today’s growth returns Komodo to its Aug 7th price, and comes hot on the heels of a two for one deal on KMD coins on micro-investing platform, Get Cred.

Komodo Price Boosts 15%

The last twenty-four hours haven’t been plain sailing for KMD; the coin lost 5.97% of its value between last night and this morning. But at 03:30 UTC this morning the coin hit a low of $1.26 and the volumes started to surge. KMD went on a run over the next twelve hours to a peak of $1.45 – a valuation we haven’t seen on KMD since August 7th, just over three weeks ago.

Volumes have doubled for the coin in that time, rising from $900,000 to just over $1.8 million, with the majority of that figure coming from Binance. A little over 60% of the coin’s trades have come in the form of the KMD/BTC pair on Binance alone, with KMD/KRW trades being the next most popular with around 12% on Upbit.

ETH trades are near non-existent, with only $110,000 worth over the last twenty-four hours, or 6% of the daily total. Komodo is listed on relatively few exchanges – just nine to be exact. Although, luckily for KMD fans they happen to be some of the big ones.

KMD sunk to a valuation of $0.96 on August 14th when BTC took its most recent nosedive. That was the lowest valuation since July 2017, and today’ surge means KMD has recovered 51% of its value in the past fourteen days.

The dominance of Binance activity today might be a sign that Western investors are just waking up to the news that KMD is essentially half-price on the Get Cred platform – the news of which broke just last night.

Get Cred Adds KMD

Given Komodo’s constant growth over the last two weeks, it would be easy to dismiss today’s news that a recently launched crypto micro-investments venture is giving away $10 worth of KMD for every same dollar amount bought.

They say there’s no such thing as a free lunch, and that may yet turn out to be true. But not many people know that. So in all likelihood the offer of half-price KMD will have been enough to register a change in the coin’s numbers, but probably not the whole 15% daily growth.

A Komodo hardfork update is scheduled for early September when the blockchain reaches its millionth block. The update will include a feature where staked KMD coins of at least ten in number will generate yearly returns of 5%. Following the update, interest will be able to be withdrawn every month, instead of every year, and this may also be moving investors to stock up on KMD.

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Greg Thomson is a freelance writer who contributes to leading cryptocurrency and blockchain publications like CCN, Hacked, and others.