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Join me to my first goal of $1 000 000

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Join me to my first goal of $1 000 000


I started Hacked.com with an intense desire to help our members in understanding finance and give them tools and analysis to take better trading decisions. Our core goal is to help our members become financially independent, either by investing, trading or starting a business. What is important to know is that there are no get rich quick schemes that work. If you truly want to become financially independent, you have to take your time and be patient. Never rush, and never lose money.

This is so important. I can’t make myself clearer. If you want financial freedom: NEVER RUSH. Please read this sentence at least three times over. Professional investors and entrepreneurs know that to create a diamond, you have to apply extreme pressure over a long period of time. That’s the same for building wealth, you need extreme focus over a longer period of time. Newbies that enter the finance game always tend to rush for the profits, but ends up with losing way more than they originally invested.

Read 2. lesson: Never Lose Money

My own finances

In the coming months, I will share my own finances and my own plan in order to reach my longterm goal that I’ve written about here. What I already got is the following:

  • CryptoCoinsNews.com which generates around $50 000 in profit each year. This fluctuates quite a lot since the income source is advertisers. The cost does also fluctuate depending on how many journalists we have writing for the site.
  • Hacked.com, which I started a couple of months ago, generates around $2000 in profit each month, BUT: I bought the domain Hacked.com for $50 000 in 2014 and I’ve spent more than 2 years on creating the site you see today. I’ve lost more money on Hacked.com than I’ve earned (including some failed concepts), but with a longterm focus I believe the site will be catching up within a few years.
  • In January I got a fulltime job and that helps me create a more stable income with around $4000 in monthly profits after tax. (I’m based in Norway and we have around 35% to 45% in tax.) I can also share that my wife and I just had a daughter and I need at least one stable income source.

I will create a budget in the coming weeks to give you the full details of my income and what I could expect from both CCN and Hacked.com. I have also suggested for our members that they should set aside 10% of their income and invest it in an index fund. That is what I’m planning to do, but I’m a bit hesitant of entering the current record markets. I believe that we will see a recession soon, and it would be better to start investing once the market has stabilized, yet again.

For the coming years, I want to put aside at least $1000 a month for investing in index funds, stocks, commodities, or similar. I want to start right away with $1000 and I’m open for suggestion from our members what I should do with my initial $1000. The options are:

  1. Have them in a savings account until the market seems more prosperous
  2. Invest them right away in an index fund (what index fund?)
  3. Invest them in a commodity like Gold?
  4. Invest them in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin?

I do not want to trade with my money as I do not have the time, I’m looking for a longterm investment. My initial thought is to have them in my savings account.

Please leave your comment below with your thoughts on where I should place my initial $1000.

Important: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. Always do your own research and due diligence before placing a trade. Read our Terms & Conditions here.

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Jonas Borchgrevink

Jonas Borchgrevink

Founder of Hacked.com and CryptoCoinsNews

  • user

    AUTHOR jedadoo

    Posted on 7:01 pm April 17, 2017.

    I follow Jim’s advice, so no recommendations from me…

    • user

      AUTHOR Jonas Borchgrevink

      Posted on 7:06 pm April 17, 2017.


      Jim’s advices are great, but that’s for trading mostly and not investing. I do not have the time to trade like Jim and other traders.

  • user

    AUTHOR bitstine

    Posted on 7:06 pm April 17, 2017.

    Great approach. Thank you for sharing.
    I personally thought of investing them in Cryptocurrency in my saving account.
    That what I’d do.

  • user

    AUTHOR Parentesi

    Posted on 7:18 pm April 17, 2017.

    Hi Jonas
    First of all, thank you for all your insight you are sharing here with your viewers. I see it as very valuable and precise information.
    I started having a closer look into cryptocurrency ´s since about 4 weeks, and reading all you have to offer made me learn much quicker than I would have without hacked.com
    Up to now I had a 30% gain in all my investment, and I may not have taken all your advice, or lets say prediction, but it helped a lot to get my focus in the right direction.
    I also have to admit I had a lot of luck and also made some mistakes I learned quick from.
    So here my thoughts on your initial 1000$:
    Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin mix: 25/25/50%
    Bitcoin, Ethereum as the more save option, Litecoin with an option for a gain. At some 10% gain in Litecoin, transfer 50/50 to Bitcoin, Ethereum

  • user

    AUTHOR ialkeilani

    Posted on 7:34 pm April 17, 2017.

    Thanks for sharing those private numbers about your businesses! I do have a regular full time job and I’m in constant debate with myself over quitting and starting my own business…those numbers do give me a good indication of what to expect. Thanks again!

    I consider myself a student of yours so I cannot really give any recommendations. But I share the same view that the current equity market is due for a correction and it’s best to hold off right now till the next entry point reveals itself

    Given that the upcoming crisis smells like it’s going to be triggered by sovereign over-indebtedness, weak fiat currency and hence collapse confidence in governments (esp. Europe!), I do like Gold (and honestly more silver given the current skewed gold/silver price ratio), I think those would be the best asset classes to park your hard earned money. I’ve set aside 25% of my net-worth for precious metals investing, while I rely on advice, tips and recommendations in this site for investing another 25% of my net-worth

  • I would buy Factom (fct). Future in securing 20,000,000,000 devices connected to the internet . Upside is tremendous Good Luck

  • user

    AUTHOR gullyfoyle

    Posted on 8:42 pm April 17, 2017.

    I’m no gold bug, but I think gold is good long term (1-3 years) based on some basic TA and would serve in place of a regular savings account provided you do not require instant liquidity:


    I think Silver will out perform based on my analysis of the gold/silver ratio and the simple fact that silver is more volatile. Making it a riskier but potentially more profitable option- see the related trade ideas I’ve published.

  • user

    AUTHOR tadej

    Posted on 9:29 pm April 17, 2017.

    Hi Jonas,
    I’m new to this investing world and also looking for the ways to enrich my hard earned money. Fortunately I’m 28 so Im looking for the long run on the other hand I would like to reach certain level while I’m still young and enjoy life while I still can!

    About a month ago I was reading about Lithium in one scientific magazin. According to them this metal is very very rare with only few mines in the whole world more over its use is increasing dramatically every year (see Li-ion batteries, Tesla).

    The price of this metal is more than 40% up from 2015!! I’m considering to invest either into stock of the companies directly involved in extraction or Lithium ETF which had +30% in one year.

    I did not decided yet as if there is a global recession coming this market can also be in trouble as the demand will go down I think…

    I would like to hear the opinion of other investors here.

    • user

      AUTHOR Jonas Borchgrevink

      Posted on 9:33 pm April 17, 2017.

      Damn! Lithium is exploding. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll look into investing in Lithium. The one problem I see with Lithium is: What if someone develops a better way to produce batteries that does not need Lithium? Have to do more research on it.

  • user

    AUTHOR acotph

    Posted on 10:51 pm April 17, 2017.

    Hi Jonas,

    Medical marijuana is taking off in many countries around the world. I’m not sure what the situation is like in Norway, but if you take a look at how the companies in this sector performed in the US and Canada, it’s obvious that there is huge potential here. I recently moved to Australia, where the government is currently opening the doors to medical cannabis cultivation, research, and importation.

    These companies are still very young, so the potential gains are huge, but so is the risk. They may be too young to suit your criteria of investing vs trading, but markets like this don’t open up often.


    • user

      AUTHOR Jonas Borchgrevink

      Posted on 11:38 pm April 17, 2017.

      That’s an interesting idea. I’ll see what kind of investment I can make into those companies.

  • user

    AUTHOR dufc1983

    Posted on 11:35 pm April 17, 2017.

    In lithium: Just finished reading FT (uk) and an article covered lithium. Majority of the worlds lithium comes from Chile. There are only 2 x companies in chile who are authorised to extract lithium. Happy hunting 🙂

    R.e. Investment strategy: bitcoin/gold/ripple/tech stock

  • user

    AUTHOR jacobss

    Posted on 3:12 am April 18, 2017.

    Hi Jonas, I was allways in the understanding that you were the expert.
    Funny do you ask for advice now.
    I can saymone that makes everybody a millionaire.
    Ripple with XRP or with XLM. You can’t go wrong.
    These crypto currencies will go to 10 cents this year and have 3 to 5 years outlook for 1 Dollar and more.
    Your 1000 $ in XLM will become a million and 5-8 years.
    Don’t hesitate and good luck.
    A fan of your site, Jack

    • user

      AUTHOR P. H. Madore

      Posted on 5:27 am April 18, 2017.

      Ripple cannot go wrong? Get out of here. Ripple is eternally weak, centrally controlled, and does nothing Bitcoin cannot.

      Jonas would have been better holding the massive amounts of Bitcoin he had in early 2015. He’d already be a millionaire, like as not.

      • user

        AUTHOR jacobss

        Posted on 8:24 am April 18, 2017.

        I believe you immediately, but I’m not getting out of here as I need all the information I can get.
        I allways advice to bet on both horses. XRP and bitcoin (or altcoins).
        The reason I have XRP is the fact it is controlled by the awesome company Ripple and banks love their system and need them to survive.
        The XRP will carry a lot of dollars in the future.
        Bottom line I believe in crypto currency 👍🏻😃

      • user

        AUTHOR dufc1983

        Posted on 9:17 am April 18, 2017.

        So why are all the big banks in Asia ripple fans?

  • user

    AUTHOR P. H. Madore

    Posted on 5:26 am April 18, 2017.

    Daughter? Hey congratulates. I just had Maggie this month as well.

    Do not want to trade your money? Long-term investment of $1m? What reasonable expectation of return can you have! You MUST trade in order to win. No risk, no reward. There are low-risk options, but they will not yield. Short-term investments are where all the billionaires are minted.

    • user

      AUTHOR Jonas Borchgrevink

      Posted on 4:02 pm April 18, 2017.

      Thank you! Congrats yourself. I’m working on a plan. Will update here once I’m happy with it..

  • user

    AUTHOR tmjaswani

    Posted on 5:42 am April 18, 2017.

    Hi Jonas,

    First of all congratulations! No trading ..thats like having little faith in your own creation and we as readers are paying to be part of it, thats a bit of a hyperbole 🙂 However I appreciate your honesty, very few founders would have courage to post something like this..Best of luck


  • user

    AUTHOR DamonEvans

    Posted on 2:00 pm April 18, 2017.

    Definitely a mix of crypto currencies. Plus gold and silver. Jim Rickards book “the new case for gold” is well worth a read. Thanks for your articles, very interesting.

  • user

    AUTHOR sambkf

    Posted on 10:52 pm April 18, 2017.

    So what is the biggest market on earth ?
    Energy. By far. Every single dollar of sale is powered by energy. Of all kind but mostly fossil fuel. With all the negative image and effect.
    Hybrid car are just engineering tinkering with old tech. Combustion engines, electric motor, batteries. Even lithion Ion batteries, as great as they are, won’t make a city bus run longer than an hour or two.. at a high cost.

    Fortunatly. There is one company that worked in the shadow of its privated investors wing for decades.. to release Q1 2018 a revolutionary energy generation process. Their technology will, in the 5y range, shock wave the petrol industry, the PV industry (more to say, I’ll come later) and the battery industry. Why ? They will make all these power generation apparatus look obselete. Because their product, the suncell, can produce in 26inchx26inchx26inch the equivalent of a soccer field of PV panels. 24/7 no fuel. Enough to make a 18to city bus run days and nights. No fuel but water (yes you heard it), and ridiculously little amout.
    No bullshit, no “missing inventor conspiracies”. Just plain science.

    Skipping on the science, go look their website (www.billiantlightpower.com).

    The key information: It relies on hight tech multi-junction solar cell. The kind german companies produces for space satelites. (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multi-junction_solar_cell) It just needs a few. However the suncell with scale up this segment of the solar industry manifold in the next 5y.

    I’ve not done the stock reseach yet. but if anyone want to share their stock investigation regarding the lucky winners, please share !

    Don’t disregarding this piece of information as some did with bitcoin in 2010. This company (privatly owned, not publicly traded) is set to become the giant corporation of iRobot movie. Their buisness model: http://brilliantlightpower.com/about/
    “BrLP plans to maintain ownership of SunCells® while outsourcing the manufacturing, supply chain management, installation, maintenance and repairs, and billing. The SunCell® reduces all historic forms of power to a single fungible commodity enabling a fluid market with power sources being interchangeable and capable of multitasks wherein the traditional market distinctions dissolve.”

    Many traditional tenet will lose, and much, to this revolution. Even windmill manufacturers may be seriously threatened, not only oil. But many will emerge and thrive inthis new era.

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