It’s All About The Tokens And How You Play Them

A definite good short-term buy-call is to get your hands on some NEO, because on September 10th, the Red Pulse ICO is going to kick off. When that happens, we’re going to see a spike in the price of NEO, because Red Pulse is only selling for NEO – a sage move, really.

In this article, the author would like to establish that chains like NEO and Ethereum ultimately have no true value on their own. They are required to be valuable to mine order to support valuable applications, and so people are leveraged into paying fair prices for these base tokens. In the case of NEO, those who buy and hold are in the short-term rewarded with GAS, but not as much, perhaps, as can be earned through picking up the RPX token, by comparison.

Therefore, it’s safe to say – it’s all about the tokens and how you play them.

Up to now, the author has really been looking for the next breed of unicorn in the ICO market. But as it turns out, the real truth of it is just something no one wants to acknowledge: while some people will make lots and lots of money long-term in this whole ICO scheme, a lot of others won’t, and still more will have made profit in the short-term.

So we’ve got to take our profits when we can.

That doesn’t mean there aren’t good long-term positions that come up from time to time, and this author will be more keen to point those out when they do appear. But as for now, it would be good to have a daily piece regarding short-term plays. So what do we pick today? Well, today we recommend you invest the time to investigate RPX, Red Pulse, and everything NEO. Because if the revolution will be tokenized, it’s going to take more than one blockchain to do it.

RPX won’t be the last. NEO has enough GAS to give the platform some runway – incentive for people to hold it without just getting rid of it – and so other tokens will follow in the path of RPX. It’s hard to same from here what applications they will represent, but if the other blockchains eventually mirror Ethereum in the long-term, then there will be applications built on NEO intended to disrupt every aspect of the business world. Following that, the government and finally consumer finance. This is the order of things. In the meantime, it’s all about jumping from tree to tree, getting the low-hanging fruits.



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