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iOS 9.1 Apple Jailbreak Now Available, Apple TV 4 Jailbreak to Follow

iOS 9.1 Apple Jailbreak Now Available, Apple TV 4 Jailbreak to Follow

by Samburaj DasMarch 11, 2016

The Pangu hacking team have released an update of its popular jailbreak tool, this time for Apple iOS devices running iOS 9.1. The hacking outfit have also promised to release an Apple jailbreak for the 4th generation Apple TV next week.

Rejoice, users of Apple devices who have purposefully stuck with iOS 9.1 without opting to upgrade the version of iOS. The Pangu hacking team’s tool enables users on both Mac and Windows platforms to jailbreak the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, as long as it is running iOS 9.1

The hack was achieved by a kernel bug used for iOS 9.1 before subsequently being patched by Apple in iOS 9.2.

The Pangu team thanked Lokihardt, a South Korean security expert whose real name is Jung Hong Lee, for the kernel bug.

A prominent hacker known for his prowess, Lee had won a large bounty at the Pwn20wn hacking event. The competition pits hackers in a competitive environment, challenging them to engineer and develop new exploits for mobile devices and their underlying software by discovering new vulnerabilities.

Apple Jailbreak Reserved for iOS 9.1

The jailbreak tool only benefits those who have stuck with iOS 9.1, as Apple stopped signing the version of iOS toward the end of December 2015. Basically, users can no longer downgrade or upgrade to iOS 9.1. Apple jailbreak users who are running a version of iOS prior to 9.1 are also out of luck.

The tool is available on Pangu’s official website and only works on 64-bit iOS devices.

Apple TV 4 Jailbreak Incoming

The hacking outfit also revealed that it will release an Apple TV 4 jailbreak in a tweet via their Twitter account, with the release planned sometime next week.

It makes for considerable news, after frustration around the hacking and Apple user community following the third-generation of Apple TVs which were –famously—never jailbroken.

The 4th gen Apple TV jailbreak will – at the onset – only come with SSH access. GUI-based features that will help users are almost certain to follow.

Featured image from Pangu.

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