Investing 33% of my Income for June

June is closing up and I’ve received the salary of May! I’m going to invest the same amount I invested in May, 20 782 NOK ($2400), and I’m adding an extra 5 000 NOK ($600) since I managed to increase my income in May.

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I’m transferring the total amount of 25 782 NOK ($3000) to the online broker platform I use in Norway. The transfer will take a few days. I will not invest in the same corporate bond fund that I already invested in twice. I have not yet decided on where I want to place the new funds, but I believe it will be in an index fund or a specific stock. I’m going to dive in and do some research, especially on the Marijuana-stock options that we have been writing about.

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If you have a specific stock, commodity, currency or index fund you think I should invest in, please add a comment below and I’ll take a look.

I have created a new group in Workplace for our members called “33% Club” where I will post new updates about my journey to $1 000 000 by investing 33% of my income. I will dare new members of the group to join investing 33% of their income, or the percentage they feel comfortable with. We will discuss investment opportunities and support each other. Join if you dare! 🙂

Current investments

Date Invested Investment in NOK Invested in Name Current Total Value in NOK Total invested Difference
27.04.2017 10 000 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 10 072 10 000 +72
09.05.2017 31 564 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 41 504 41 564 -64
Transferred 25 782 67 286 67 343 -153
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