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Invest, Trade or Create? What Gives You the Greatest Return?

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Invest, Trade or Create? What Gives You the Greatest Return?


This article was posted on Sunday, 14:56, UTC.

I’ve done both professionally for more than ten years.

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My story

One of my first endeavors included selling cookies and toys on a stand outside my mom’s apartment when I was 10. When I joined the school band at the age of 8, I played the clarinet outside the local store to raise money (I brought with me a friend that played trumpet). At the age of 15, I started a clothing line called LJ (Limitless Juggernaut) which was sold in a local store in Tønsberg (a small town in Norway). When I was 18, I started a phone company in Norway selling imported phones from China. I made some big bucks at that time (2000 USD a month) while I went to high school in 2008. When I was 19, I joined BI Business School (just like a US business college), and started on a bachelor degree in Entrepreneurship and Business. At that time I founded which I ran for more than five years. It raised more than 1.5 million USD to social causes worldwide (but failed in the end due to low operational cash flow).

As I’ve previously written, I started CCN.LA in 2013, that’s the time I entered the bitcoin market. I made some big bucks on that as well, and withdrew it all (I took the profit). I would have had a lot more money if I didn’t sell all the bitcoins, but at least I was able to sleep well at night after I had secured some profits.

And then I’ve earned some and lost some making different margin investments with CFD (which I do not recommend anyone to start with).

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What I’ve learned

There is one clear answer to whether you should invest your money, or use them to create a small business:

Focus on creating. Don’t let trading nor investing become your entire life. If you fail at trading or investing, you won’t have anything left.

What I mean: If your only job is investing or trading, you take the highest risk of us all. If you lose your money, you won’t have anything else to do. You could try to apply for a job – but you will not have an attractive CV. You won’t have any specialized knowledge, except the knowledge of how to lose your money in the markets. I wouldn’t want to be in that position. And be honest with yourself: Do you really want to spend your entire life watching numbers go up and down? Is that your life’s purpose?

Focus on creating

It gives you much more to create rather than trade. You will inspire friends and family; you will become a role model for other people. When you focus on creating a new solution, a new business, a new service, you immediately start to acquire new knowledge. Knowledge that you can use in other ventures if your first venture fails.

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And when you succeed with a business, you will be so high on “adrenaline” because your entire life situation will change. Maybe you can leave your regular job to focus entirely on your new startup. Maybe you can hire employees to help you on your new entrepreneurial journey?

Make investing your second priority

I’m not saying you shouldn’t invest your money, money that you earn from other ventures. I’m just saying that you should focus on creating a more fixed or stable cash flow. And only invest money that you don’t need, money that can be lost. If you got enough money flowing from your venture, then there’s no reason that you shouldn’t invest some of that money. But always keep your ventures your first priority, and your investments your second.

Exactly what I do

I’m focusing on creating. Create new businesses, new services. Nothing is more important than to increase your cash flow on a monthly basis. Investments and trading are fun, but you can lose as much as you earn. It isn’t stable enough. To reach my goal of $1 000 000 I’m primarily focusing on increasing my yearly revenue, so should you.

What’s positive with creating?

  • You create a more stable monthly cash flow
  • You won’t lose money (as you can control expenses)
  • You will gain knowledge and become attractive in the job market (entrepreneurs are HOT these days)
  • You will get new ideas for other ventures
  • You will inspire and help other people to do the same, start a small business and become financially independent

What do you think? Do you already have a business? Are you only focusing on investing?

Important: Never invest money you can't afford to lose. Always do your own research and due diligence before placing a trade. Read our Terms & Conditions here.

Feedback or Requests?

Jonas Borchgrevink

Jonas Borchgrevink

Founder of and CryptoCoinsNews

  • user

    AUTHOR Jeanbro

    Posted on 1:47 pm May 22, 2017.

    Great article, thanks for sharing your journey with us.

  • user

    AUTHOR johnathankelly

    Posted on 8:22 pm June 4, 2017.

    Jonas, when you get a chance, read Robert Kiyosaki’s book, “The Cash Flow Quadrant”. He talks about this very subject and explains why the investor is the best. Employee is worst; self-employed just a little better; business owner better; investor is best. The reason is that as an investor, I can invest in you, the business owner, without the hard work and time spent. I can then invest in multiple business and spread my risk around. As time goes on, I get better at determining which businesses to invest in.

    Also, most of us do not want to work that hard. I can travel the world, have fun, meet great people, invest in them, and make a fortune doing all of that. As I meet others like me, they share their wisdom and I make even more.

  • user

    AUTHOR FirewoodTime

    Posted on 1:31 am June 6, 2017.

    I like working my business and having trades going on the side. I don’t use much leverage compared to what I could use. My method is “small bites.” I keep gaining with this attitude and patience. I notice looking at trades too much, creates a desire to make something happen….I’m headed towards the “investor” quadrant…My friend has several businesses going….It’s unreal what he is accomplishing. He’s earning close to a million a month from one of them. Thanks for the nice article. I have read 2 by you telling about having an income stream on the side instead of making money just trading….Trading is kind of boring. But an hour or so a day studying, planning, acting, isn’t bad.

  • user

    AUTHOR Dji127

    Posted on 9:58 am July 20, 2017.

    I have found this very helpful. I have been very focused lately on becoming a consistently profitable trader but am finding it very difficult and have to keep adding funds to continue trading and practising.

    After your comments I may put trading to the side (or spend less time on it) and focus more on developing a small business, I have been on the hunt for some time for some ideas for an online store but cannot seem to put my finger on a good one. Where have you drawn inspiration/ideas from in the past Jonas?

    Thanks for the article

    • user

      AUTHOR Jonas Borchgrevink

      Posted on 10:43 am July 20, 2017.


      Thank you for the feedback. I’m glad I can help to change your mindset some. I draw ideas from people, from speeches (TED Talk), from other videos (Youtube), from articles (World Economic Forum reports e.g.), from friends and family. However, I created CCN.LA just because I was really interested in Bitcoin. I didn’t thing I would make money on it. And I created to share my experiences, not to make a lot of money. The ventures that I’ve started to make a lot of money, have ended up failing. I guess you need to have passion about what you start in order to make it a success. If you start a business just to earn money, even though it sounds strange, that might end up losing you money instead. That’s been my experience. The last thing you would expect make you money, might end up doing exactly that.

  • user

    AUTHOR Dji127

    Posted on 11:11 am July 20, 2017.

    Ok, Thank you for the advice. I will see what I can come up with.

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