Indian Police Chief to Create Livestream of Crimes in Progress

indian-police-chief-livestreaming-crime-periscope-twitterPolice in Bangalore, India, want to make use of Periscope, the Twitter livestreaming application, so that citizens can stream crimes in progress and help the police get there faster, as well as find the bad guys and catch them when they are running away.

This would amount to a somewhat decentralized surveillance system that would be voluntary and apparently would only be put into use when a crime was in progress. Bangalore is India’s third-largest city with a crime rate to go with it. Perhaps utilizing technology such as livestreaming could help the city to reduce crime, although there are plenty of other technological innovations that police there can take advantage of, such as improved cameras in their cars and even on their person, or Google Glass.

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Bangalore is a technological city. Android rules the country, and the police aren’t asking much of the people who live there. When a crime happens, they can use the app to upload a feed to police, as part of their report. This will enable the police to have an idea of what’s going on before they even get there and give dispatchers an idea of how many police are necessary.

Although ultimately the police would like to have a citywide net of cameras streaming when crimes occur, they understand that it could be awhile before people get used to the idea of specifically filming crime. Thus, they will start simply with their streaming technology foray.

What do you think of livestreaming crimes?

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