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I’m Investing 33% of My Entire Income Instead of 10%

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I’m Investing 33% of My Entire Income Instead of 10%


This article was posted on Wednesday, 22:39, UTC.

Since I got employed as a Digital Trainee, I’ve ensured a stable income of 30 000 NOK per month after taxes. That’s around 3 500 USD, totaling 41 000 USD per year (after a 30% income tax). That is what I call my “baseline”. I know I will earn at least that much. Then I have two ventures as I’ve explained before, CryptoCoinsNews.com (CCN) and Hacked.com (including another small venture with a few IT-clients called Clouding Central). Also read: Join me to my first goal of $1 000 000 From CCN, I earn approximately 2000 to 6000 USD per month….

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