I’m Increasing my Monthly Investment: 33% Club

Today I transferred 40 000 NOK (5 000 USD) to my broker platform to invest in a new asset for September as a part of the 33% Club. My current investments have done fine, but I saw a drawdown for “Funcom” which is now in minus 1 329 NOK. My Norsk Hydro investment has given a 12,30% return which is quite staggering. I read Funcom’s latest financial report, that you can find here, which was a good read:

1H17 is the most profitable half-year period ever in Funcom’s history.

However, they have exercised options and there are some concerns regarding their ongoing profitability if the sales decline of e.g. Conan Exiles. This stock is a small cap stock and is volatile. I’m therefore unsure if I want to keep investing in Funcom or if I actually want to sell with a loss and find another asset to invest in. Your comments might sway me in the right direction.

I have not found a new asset I want to invest in just yet, but I’ll write a new post once I do and when I have invested the new 40 000 NOK that I transferred today. I can reveal that I’m looking into other gaming companies and Lithium based companies.

Date Invested Investment in NOK Invested in Name Current Total Value in NOK Total invested Difference
27.04.2017 10 000 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 10 072 10 000 +72
09.05.2017 31 564 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 41 504 41 564 -64
08.06.2017 25 782 Corporate Bond Fund Deutsche Invest I Eu Hi Yld Corp LC 67 740 67 343 +397
05.07.2017 30 000 Stock Funcom 103 536 97 343 +6 193
15.08.2017 34 700 Stock Norsk Hydro 135 413 132 343 +3 070

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