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If I had a Superpower I would be: Moneyman

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If I had a Superpower I would be: Moneyman


This article was posted on Sunday, 13:55, UTC.

I watched a show from the White Rabbit Project on Netflix about superpowers yesterday. They were trying to find out which superpower would be the best to have. They were testing exoskeletons, flying like “Jetman” (see video below), and freezing objects with liquid nitrogen. All of these “superpowers” are out of reach for most people as the equipment is either not for sale or simply too expensive. That got me thinking about which superpower I would have wanted. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2sT9KoII_M Introducing Moneyman I’m no Marvel or DC Comics expert, but I haven’t heard of anyone with the ability to create wealth (except…

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