If I had a Superpower I would be: Moneyman

I watched a show from the White Rabbit Project on Netflix about superpowers yesterday. They were trying to find out which superpower would be the best to have. They were testing exoskeletons, flying like “Jetman” (see video below), and freezing objects with liquid nitrogen. All of these “superpowers” are out of reach for most people as the equipment is either not for sale or simply too expensive. That got me thinking about which superpower I would have wanted.

Introducing Moneyman

I’m no Marvel or DC Comics expert, but I haven’t heard of anyone with the ability to create wealth (except for Scrooge McDuck). As far as I see it, that would have been the ultimate superpower as with money, you can develop your own technologies just like Tony Stark (Ironman). With infinite money, you could develop infinite technologies and create infinite superpowers. But how would Moneyman’s superpower actually work? Would it be the power to guess stock and crypto prices? Would it be the power to create amazing analysis? Would it be the power to gather all data (big data) and compile it into neat graphs? Or would it simply be to poop gold or have a secret pocket that always contains gold bars no matter how many you take out?

They say knowledge is power, information is power. I would say money is power; then you use knowledge and information to gain money.

If you have heard of Adam Smith’s invisible hand, you know that greed is good. People are greedy, that is a fact. You can tell others that you are not, but when it comes to it, you are. It’s built into our human DNA, we need greed to survive (or at least used to). It’s an inbuilt function of being a human. Darwin’s “Survival of the fittest” explains this in detail. One would need to evolve and outcompete competitors to survive, all animals do this (but if you believe in Intelligent Design by God you might disagree). And by doing this, one would need to be greedy.

Hurting our planet?

One would think that if Adam’s invisible hand works, people will also work for a more prosperous world where global challenges are tackled as well as their personal monetary goals that most people combine with greed. At the present state, I cannot see that’s happening on a global scale. Some countries are frontrunners for fighting global warming, but as you know, the US withdrew from the Paris agreement signed by 195 countries in June. A lot can be said about that, but there is something wrong with Adam’s theory. The world is more complicated than it was when he wrote about the invisible hand, and there are big interests for and against climate change actions, as with other pressing topics.

Moneyman to the rescue

Yes, I want to become “Moneyman”. Where I get a superpower to gain wealth so I can introduce new companies, new movements, new organizations and non-profits that will be able to impact the world, positively. There are a few Moneymen out there that I respect, Bill Gates with his Gates Foundation & Elon Musk with Tesla, Solar City and SpaceX. I find it strange that there are so few wealthy people that do anything remarkable with their wealth and power they have inherited or acquired. But as they say:

Absolute power corrupts absolutely

-Lord Acton


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