ICO Update: Creativechain Chasing the Dragon, Time to Buy Agrello?

Well, Creativechain (CREA) still has yet to return to its high prices of 10,000 or more Satoshi each, which were available directly after the ICO at a few markets. Moreover, and sadly, 5 months later, CREA has not released a browser-application yet, like the one pictured here:

We think the rise of CREA and implementation across platforms could be dead in the water. The author was among the 302 people who contributed 208 BTC, but he dumped at the high, having lost confidence when it took Creativechain some extra steps to verify his contribution.

We still think CREA will have some success whenever the foundation decides to release the actual use-case of the token, but in the meantime we can’t leave a high 7 rating hanging in the breeze here. We’re reducing to 4.9 to reflect the market which in the last two months has hardly returned to 50% of the highest value post-ICO.


Hacked author Justin O’Connell previously rated Agrello a 7.5, which is a high rating. O’Connell cautioned on some problems he felt were obvious:

For instance, the project has failed to deliver a coherent message and doesn’t appear too often in Google searches. While this is a problem for many of the best blockchain companies, who are working on some of the space’s toughest problems, its not the best formula for a token sale. Ultimately, this could be a good thing as those backing it are getting in early, and its a sign Agrello has worked on relationships behind the scenes (see Everex and the many compatible blockchain platforms). But for purposes of this review, the lack of public visibility for Agrello is cause for a reduction of 1.5 points.

Agrello has a lot of work to get done. Its road map shows a rental and loan agreement app for 2018. It will be focusing on Ethereum until then, and tapping into the platform’s wide array of developer talent.

Agrello earns 7.5 based on Hacked’s rating guide.

We should note here that said rating guide has evolved significantly in the interim, and remains under construction.

The market performance has been mediocre:

The author is not a chart analyst, but looking at it, it seems the price has long since left its floor, and that it recently bottomed out again, and is currently on an upswing. If the reader agrees with this assessment, the author suggest a short-term flip on the way back up for DELTA tokens. There are other interesting plays in the smart contract field, as well: Etherparty, BlockCAT.


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