ICO Analysis: VAEON

“VAEON is a decentralized protocol that enables individuals to control their personal data and benefit from its value. It also gives companies the opportunity to build new business models in an ecosystem free of any middlemen.”

Based on EOS, VAEON provides an independent and open protocol with built-in-governance. Its a lot like a DAO, but the team calls it a DAC (Decentralized Autonomous Consortium). The protocol clearly defines how personal data is structured, exchanged, or sold.

“VAEON allows every user to securely combine their profiles, personal data, professional credentials, and networks of contacts into one standardized source they can protect, share, or monetize as they wish”

According to the whitepaper, after concluding that data is indeed valuable, and companies are collecting as much of it as they can, VAEON has determined there to be three major problems with big data:

  1. Much of our personal data is in the hands of a few big companies
  2. Data silos that lack formatting standards make data hard to reuse
  3. Centrally-stored data is vulnerable to hacks and data breaches.

VAEON solves these problems with their decentralized ecosystem that will have both Data Providing Apps and Data Requesting Apps. The apps interact directly with the smart contract and act as a gateway between businesses and user data.

There is no trusted central authority within the ecosystem. The DAC will vote in an entity called the Protocol Administrator, whose job is to evolve, maintain and adapt the protocol in the future. The administrator is continuously elected by the community.

The VAEON Ecosystem includes three important stakeholders:

  1. Users of web services.
  2. App development companies that provide web services.
  3. Businesses that buy user data.

We just scratched the surface; for more specifics check out the whitepaper.


VAEO is the protocol token that aligns all the shareholders’ interests. It gives the user full control over his/her data.

VAEO serves three main functions: medium of exchange, governance, and fraud prevention.

Much of the value of this token is on the governance end. Since VAEON is a true DAC, if successful, million-dollar companies that use the protocol will need to fight for control in the company by using nothing more than votes. According to the company, “The voting power is calculated by a time based staking function that converges against a fixed value. ”


  • 41% Public sale
  • 20% Protocol development
  • 13% Marketing
  • 8% Partner relations
  • 10% Team
  • 8% Advisors

Use of Funds:

  • 37% Development
  • 15% Operaations and Administration
  • 45% Marketing and Sales
  • 3% Legal


There are seven management team members listed, most of them are from Germany.

Andreas Mikolajewski – CEO. Six  months as DLT Researcher for IOTA Foundation. Six years as Software Developer for SAP.

Volker Rofalski – CFO. Has loads of experience and is on the board of several publicly traded companies; Mutares AG, Intercard AG, Demecon AG.

Pedro Isaac Lopez Lopez – COO. A young gun, blockchain expert. Interned for Deutsche Bank. Operations Maneger for one year at Tracktics GmbH.

Florian Gauger – CTO. Currently a Software Engineer at Google. More than three years spent as a Software Engineer for SAP.

Six Advisors, two of them are from Instaffo, a recruiting platform with 41 employees on LinkedIn. The others are a CEO of Demekon Group, a managing partner at Iconiqlab, the CEO at Iconiqlab, and an International Marketing Specialist.

They have a couple of key partnerships already with Instaffo and IconiqLab.

Iconiq Lab is a decentralized venture capital group with a portfolio of startups including Unibright, Topl, Vlux, and Solidified.


So far, the giant Block.one billion-dollar EOS VC fund has invested in three projects; Everipedia, High Fedility (VR), and now VAEON. This is a huge endorsement and gives VAEON instant legitimacy.


  • This is an experiment, so there will be lots of trial and error. -1
  •  Their community is not very big at all yet. Telegram has only 180 members. 170 Twitter followers. -2
  • Surely there will be lots of competition coming. Basic Attention Token (BAT) comes to mind. -1
  • Personal data may not be worth all that much at this point in time. The whitepaper explains how they used several different strategies to calculate the value of personal data. It turns out each individuals data may only be worth like $30/year. If this is true, many users are not going to care enough to participate. -1.5

Growth Potential

  • Backed by EOS VC, the billion-dollar EOS fund. +3
  • The whitepaper is professional. The team is very intelligent, which can be seen in this podcast called “Everything EOS #26+2
  • The roadmap is long. In Q4 of 2019 they plan to release the first dApp by Instaffo (recruiting platform), which they say will bring 30 million user profiles to the VAEON Ecosystem. +2
  • Prototype looks solid. +2
  • More bold claims on the roadmap. Huge if true. +3


“Imagine a world where users are in full control of their data. A world in which their data is securely stored in a decentralized manner, and only they can decide if they share and monetize their data, to whom they send it, and at what price. A world in which users can change from one service provider to another without losing their entire history, data, or digital identity in the process. This is where the VAEON Protocol comes in.”

This has tremendous long term potential, definitely one to keep an eye on. The current problem is that it is lacking in hype, and the team is just now getting started on community building. Only 180 Telegram members so far. 6.5/10

Investment Details

All unsold tokens will be burned

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