ICO Analysis: ULTRA

Ultra is a game publishing platform with several cutting-edge technologies and features. Digital game downloads are hot, the PC gaming market has grown by an average of 12% annually over the last decade, and has a total valuation of $32 billion.Ultra wants to combine their existing industry-leading tech with their custom EOS sister-chain, to change the game.

Currently, the game publishing platform Steam is the go-to place for developers and gamers. They practically have a monopoly, so they charge a heavy 30% revenue share while providing weak marketing tools.

There are so many games on the platform, it’s hard for new games to get discovered. According to the firm, “Players have to deal with an aging UI/UX with no exciting functionalities, which isn’t catered for the Chinese market.”

Ultra wants to end Steam’s reign by providing cheaper fees, better tools for developers, and new opportunities for players and influencers.

The Ultra game publishing platform offers the following benefits to their community.


  • Progressive Software downloading technology allows players to play immediately.
  • Earn UTA for participating in beta tests, watching ads, curating games etc.
  • Access tournaments, item-trading, and more through the open platform.
  • Get exclusive games only available on Ultram.
  • Re-sellsecond-handd digital games.
  • Community rewards and referral program.


  • Marketing toolbox- innovative influencer program.
  • Earn an additional +50% revenue share compared to the competition.
  • Community growth tools.
  • Developers earn +21% more sales revenue than on Steam.
  • Easily port games from Steam, Xbox and PlayStation to Ultra with their universal SDK.
  • Instant payments.
  • New revenue streams. in-game advertising, secondhand sales, item-trading, and referrals.

The platform also offers numerous unique features, including:

  • Ultra GO mobile companion app: Provides convenient features for mobile users on the go, adds new sources of income for players and continuously engage users to increase retention. Some features of Ultra GO include; text/voice chat, wallet, p2p payments, and popular content/news.
  • Virtual item tokenization: Tokenize and customize virtual items, then sell them through the marketplace.
  • Ultra Secondhand Market: Groundbreaking feature, allow players to re-sell or buy old games. Developers get an additional revenue stream.


UTA token allows users to download games and get updates the same way content and updates are downloaded from platforms such as XBOX and Steam. All purchases of games, virtual items, and services on Ultra operate through smart contracts which require UTA tokens. Loyalty programs, bug reporting, beta testing, trade of digital goods, advertisements etc. work exclusively with UTA tokens, which can be acquired through fully transparent credit card and payment gateway solutions.

Content developers will gain access to their own “token factor,” which will allow them to effortlessly materialize their games into a secure crypto token. Ultra’s unique UI allows developers the freedom to customize the services or rights their token grants to other users.

Ultra Miner is a one-button smart miner application that allows users to use their GPUs to mine other altcoins on the market. These altcoins are then sold to purchase UTA tokens from coin holders to ultimately offer UTA to the mining users.

Distribution of Ultra tokens”

Allocation of funds:

  • 44% Content Acquisition
  • 30% Software Development
  • 16% Marketing & Business Development
  • 5% Operational Expenses
  • 3% Legal, Accounting, and Auditing
  • 2% Misc. and unexpected


Headquartered in Estonia. There are 29 employees listed on their LinkedIn page.

David Hanson – Co-CEO. Detailed and impressive LinkedIn page. He was CEO of a $100 million game console team for Xiaobawang, a game console project in partnership with AMD. He was also CEO of PixilBeam, a video game studio acquired by Kingsoft. He Founded Youcall.

Nikolas Gilot – CO-CEO. He spent 1.5 years as CSO at Xiabawang. Founded Gamika and Takion Group.

Michael Dunn – CTO. He spent 2 years CTO of Dell (1997), 2 years at Time Warne (1999), 9 years CTO Hearst Interactive Media. Lead positions at Ver, Mandt Medi, LA Media Lab.

Edward Moalem – CSO. He spends a year or so at different spots mostly as Senior Director, including Google, GameSpy, Apple, NewsCorp. 5 years at IGA.

Julien Marron – CFO. Wargaming, Ubisoft, EMI.

Jenna Seiden – Head of Content Acquisition. XBOX, HTC VIVE, Disney Digital.

Ju Yu aka Charles – Lead Blockchain Developer. Ericsson, Cisco, Dell. He worked with EOS Canada to configure and run EOS full nodes.

Chris Saad – Acting Head of Product. Uber, DataPortability Project, Echo

Cristian Rizea – Project Manager. Smartree, Ubisoft, Microsoft and Bandai Namco.

Wallace Poulter- Head of Developer Relations. Apple, Atari, Sega, and Magic Leap.


“Our distribution network has successfully served hundreds of millions of game downloads, totaling countless petabytes of traffic globally, with last mile pipeline acceleration. Our proprietary engine is currently serving billions of advertisements per day and our overlay technology is compatible with well-known games.”

Industry leaders are already using the company’s proprietary engine/distribution network technology.


  • It looks like they will be using EOS’ block producers. A few other sister-chains are also planning on doing this. It may become a problem if these BPs are overloaded with work. -1
  • All the game publishers and players are on currently on STEAM. It will be extremely challenging to get them to change their habits and move to Ultra. -2
  • Although it’s still very early, they only have 1,100 Twitter followers and 2,500 Telegram members. -1

Growth Potential

  • Team Ultra ranks off the charts. +3
  • There’s over a billion gamers in the world. “The average PC gamer is 35 years old, has been playing 13 years and has strong purchasing power.”+1
  • Ultra fits 100% of the PC games distribution markets, but also nourishes side markets such as item trading and tournaments. +2
  • 50% of Ultra’s share of game sales revenue is redistributed to players and developers that bring new users to the platform. +1
  • 5% of their game sales profits will go to the “Game Development and Acquisition War Chest”.+1
  • Their Blockchain services can operate outside of Ultras official clients (portals). Opening doors to new business and revenue streams for 3rd parties. +2
  • EOS sister-chain with all the advantages of EOS. +2


A+ team, A+ use case, A+ working product. This almost seems too good to be true. 8/10,

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