ICO Analysis: Squeezer

Squeezer is a platform that gives software developers the components to build apps easily without dealing with the entire blockchain infrastructure. Squeezer uses world-class microservices platforms such as AWS Lambda, Google Functions and Azure Functions.

The team at Squeezer wants to create a single unified blockchain connector that will allow developers to connect to any blockchain and use a sandbox to test the apps. The apps will be powered by microservices, the same infrastructure ebay, Amazon, and Netflix websites are built on.

The Squeezer platform will compile and deploy apps in multiple stages directly from GitHub or other code repositories.

Key Features of Squeezer include:

  • Zero Administration: Deploy your code without any lengthy set-up beforehand or anything to manage afterward.
  • Development Climate: Simulate the cloud provider environment on your local machine. No need to deploy code at every iteration. Speed up the entire development cycle by 10x.
  • Pay Per Use: Function-as-a-Service (FaaS) computing and managed services charged based on usage rather than pre-provisioned capacity. You can utilize all your resources without paying a cent for idle time.
  • Scalability: Let your service providers manage the scaling challenges. No need to set alerts or write scripts to scale up or down. Have absolute peace of mind during periods of high or low traffic.

From the company: “Our goal is to ensure that our clients can harness the full potential of cloud providers, blockchain technology, and the Squeezer framework by providing them with our professional consultancy services. By offering the ultimate technology stack to our clients, we can streamline the integration of blockchain technology into their current enterprise systems”


SQR will be used for platform subscriptions and consultancy services. I was also told, “when the blockchain connector is finally working, the tokens will be needed.”

At the end of the token sale, all unsold tokens will be burned.

The distribution is as follows:

  • 40% Token Sale
  • 30% Squeezer platform
  • 20% Team (locked and slowly distribution for  24 months)\
  • 5% Advisers
  • 5% Marketing and partners


The team from Romania lists six members and four advisers.

Nick Chisiu – The founder/CEO was a software consultant for ConsenSys for three months and was also senior software engineer at Modus Create Inc.

Flavius Fulea: He claims to have been in blockchain since 2011 but the only work history listed is one-year as marketing manager at Hotel Romada Sibiu.

Vlad Tarmure: Communications chief who worked for Safeway International as a marketing consultant from 2011-2013. Co-founded Cluj Crypto Community in Jan 2018.

Odi Onyejekwe: International business developer who currently works for Food Panda. All his other jobs are management in Cluj County, Romania. the same place as Vlad Tarmure founded his crypto community.

Looks like all these team members are connected to Cluj County.

Advisers include:

  • Igor Karavaev- He has been an official adviser to more than ten  ICOs so far, including Faceter, Skyfchain, Trugame, Zero State and Arround. While not the hottest projects, it shows he has experience with small-cap ICOs.
  • Ali Kassob: Advised Sentigraph and Whyral (social media marketing blockchain project).
  • Mofassair Hossain: Advised Mobiuz, Hash Network, ShipIt (all blockchain projects).
  • James Sowers: He also advised several low cap coins I’ve never heard of.


The idea of combining microservices and blockchain is hard to visualize because no one has done it yet. Netflix uses microservices, which shows the importance of the tech. Squeezer has several things going for it: there is no competition yet, apps will be built on the squeezer platform and the market cap will only be $15 million starting out.

The problem is that it’s completely possible this project is simply using the buzzword “microservices” to sell people their token. They are greatly exaggerating the coolness of their not-yet built platform. Let me break it down real quick.


Pictured above, you see that they are using four selling points for their token: (1) Working MVP; (2) Three years old; (3) Stable release; (4) 75,000 monthly downloads.

  • Their selling point of having 75,000 monthly downloads is complete BS. When asked for evidence, I was linked here. This site shows that there have been exactly 18,000 downloads consistently every week for the last 8 months. And it didn’t gradually gain 18k,000 downloads – it magically gained 18,000 downloads in its first week, without any signs of marketing. I believe The 75,000 monthly downloads is more like 1,000 total downloads. -2

  • They make the following claim on their website: “The Squeezer framework is currently being successfully utilized on large web and API projects that scale and expand as microservices,” I asked their telegram rep if I could get some names to these projects.  He responds, “First client is biscalex “.  There is no other info on biscalex other than their one-page site with no links. -2

  • They tried to have a pre-sale two months ago but ended up postponing it. When asked on Telegram, they responded: “The Token Sale API backend is built actually with the Squeezer Framework and despite the fact that we had 0 downtimes over several months, the card payment processor hampered us. But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, isn’t it?”  -1
  • No real tangible partnerships yet. They say they cannot disclose what new partnership discussions are in the works. -1

Growth Potential

  •  According to the whitepaper, Squeezer is the only company with microservice framework currently integrating blockchain. +3
  • The founder was a software consultant for ConsenSys for three months. This means he is an impressive guy and should now be connected to some of the biggest players in blockchain. +2
  • A platform that you can build apps on in the future with a cap of only $15 million cap. +2.5
  • Received really good scores from ICO reviewers. They must see something. +2.5


It’s understandable when a token sale exaggerates certain things to try and make themselves look more worthy of funds. This sale went too far though, and unless their CEO Nick Chisiu is the Lebron James of crypto, this team is not capable. 4/10

Investment Details

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