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According to a recent Local Consumer Review Survey from BrightLocal, service consumers spend 30% more money at “well” reviewed establishments. Yet 40% of review readers make decisions based on three or fewer opinions read. Small businesses are figuring this out and doing everything they can to get their customers to leave good reviews. Many businesses are getting away with writing fake reviews. ServAdvisor rightly believes blockchain and smart contracts will revolutionize the entire service review game.

By utilizing Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Contracts and an original token, ServAdvisor will provide the first worldwide decentralized services recommendation platform.

ServAdvisor App provides the following;

  • Augmented Reality with GPS tracking
  • Artificial Intelligence to optimize users preferences
  • Incentivized service consumers reviews
  • Incentivized advertisements from retailers/service providers to consumers, standing at their door
  • Wi-Fi passwords sharing module
  • Multi-language advantages
  • Tap to scan
  • ServAdvisor Friends and Experts


“Augmented reality (AR) is based on the idea that location-based data can be overlaid on your view of the real life. The ServAdvisor app gathers information on over 100 million retailers/service providers around the world, with contributions and ratings from existing review providers adding the element in augmented reality for better interaction and engagement with real-time user environments.

One major problem ServAdvisor solves is that of “information overload.” It’s when you go to find a restaurant near you and 50 different unorganized options pop up. This is time-consuming. ServAdvisor uses AI to analyze user ratings, view history, likes, pins, search history, follows, followers and other actions of each user with the app to match their service preferences with the most appropriate offerings.

Retailers and service providers will acquire SRV tokens and allocate them to consumers as an incentive to come to there business and then to leave a review. “Its a sustainable mechanism for providers to maintain customer loyalty, and to provide products and promotional info to influence purchase decisions right at the time when the user is actually standing at their door.”


ServCoin (SRV) is a utility token that enables retailers and service providers to utilize the power of blockchain and smart contracts  ServCoins can be used to incentivize customers to engage, take actions, or simply integrate ServCoin as part of an in-built loyalty program.

In the ServAdvisor App users are rewarded for their contributions to the platform, motivating them to continue assisting the growth of the ecosystem. retailers/service providers, who wish to use the platform to promote purchase, will be required to have a sufficient balance of ServCoins in their digital wallets in order to reward ServAdvisor App users

Distribution of tokens:

  • 9% Presale
  • 74% Crowdsale
  • 15% Reserve
  • 2% Bounty/airdrop

Distribution of funds:

  • 55% Product Development.
  • 25% Marketing
  • 10% Development Team
  • 7% Advisors/legal
  • 3% Bonus to creators and developers


Dr. Dimitri Sidorovitch – Co-Founder and CEO. He was CEO at Nokia, Belarus for 7 years. He also founded Huma Zone, which is a separate ICO in development.

Maxim Kavzunovich – Co-Founder and CTO. He also worked for Nokia, Belarus as Deputy Director for 10 years, and is also co-founder of the above mentioned ICO Huma Zone.

Elena Verbier (CMO), Sergey Grechko (Chief Buss Dev), George McGregor (Bussiness DEv), and five other team members are listed, but their LinkedIn pages are not available.


Eli Fathi – A player. He’s CEO at MindBridge, an AI tool augmenting human capacity to uncover errors in financial data with artificial intelligence, with 58 employees. Also founded several other successful projects.

Yunzhu Lin (Frank) – Blockchain investor since 2013.

Kirill Krasnogir – Co-founded GKeyLab, a VR company that has been around for a couple years.


“The ServAdvisor Platform will provide retailers and service providers with a new and highly targeted channel to send marketing messages to consumers while they are literally standing at the door. It will also provide retailers/service providers with access to valuable aggregate data about these consumers’ buying habits.”(website)

Using crypto to incentivize service providers and reviewers to do extra work is a big idea that will be difficult to execute. Just getting people to participate enough to get the app off the ground will be a challenge. That being said, this app will have a lot of cool features and is very needed.


  • 84.5% of the total supply will be available for sale. That’s really high. -1
  • Most of the team and advisors have no LinkedIn. When I asked their Telegram channel for a different source, I was blocked from their channel. No idea why. I wasn’t rude or anything; I just asked for resumes and got the ban hammer. -2
  • Github is not active. -1
  • Plenty of competition. going to be really hard getting people to leave their current app -1

Growth Potential

  • The token incentivizes customers to leave honest/detailed reviews. That’s something Yelp does not do. +3
  • ServAdvisor will initially allocate 15,5% of the total pool of ServCoins (the ServAdvisor App Incentive Reserve) to incentivize users and to fuel the growth and performance of the ServAdvisor Platform. ServCoins that are unsold during the Token Sale will also be added to the ServAdvisor App Incentive Reserve. +2
  • Token price is 65,000 SRV per ETH. That’s less than 1/2 a penny, which is so cheap. +3
  • Unlike most every Ethereum ICO, these guys have a detailed plan to deal with ETH costs and delays. +2
  • Their roadmap is extremely ambitious. +1


This is the definition of “potential”. And the ICO price is extremely attractive. 6/10

Investment Details

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