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The gaming industry is now bigger than music and movies combined, and it will only continue to grow as we move into VR and HR. Today, game developers are spending nearly 50% of their revenue on both marketing and payments to centralized gaming distribution platforms such as Google, Apple and Steam. That is 50% too much. With blockchain technology, these costs will become a thing of the past.

EON is a decentralized digital game distribution platform, where gamers can discover, share and play games, as well as socialize with other gamers. Powered by blockchain, EON allows developers to keep 100% of their revenue, with no distribution fee. EON platform will be more efficient, trustworthy, and globally accessible than anything we’ve seen so far.

According to the company:

“The EON Network, as it will be called, aspires to provide a cheaper, faster and decentralized way for developers to create new games and reach new audiences globally. It will offer new ways of rewarding gamers and developers through incentives via the network’s native EON token, and it will strive to minimize dependence on middlemen that currently exist in the game publishing industry.”

The EON Ecosystem consists of several parts:

Referral System: Every user on EON will have their own referral smart contract stored on the blockchain.

Game Discovery System: Designed to allow gamers to discover, purchase and play games of their interests.

Game Community: Built for gamers to communicate with other gamers.

Developer System: Developers can submit and update their games, track stats, and configure referral smart contracts.


EON token is the core of the EON ecosystem. It is designed with the economic incentive mechanism that rewards the behaviors helping to grow the EON platform. It will be used for payments on all digital assets sold with the EON platform. It will also offer friendly ways of buying EON tokens and a range of services to spend them on.

The distribution is as follows:

  • 10% Team (4 year vesting)
  • 10% Advisors (Up to 6 month lock up)
  • 30% Private/Public Sale
  • 30% Community Members(Gamers and Developers)
  • 20% EON Foundation


The EON Foundation has offices in Palo Alto, Beijing and Singapore. Six team members are listed, including three co-founders highlighted below.

Co-founder Aron Lyu is a Stanford grad who served one year as project lead for China company Bytedance (Topbuzz App). He also spent one year working for a big Chinese VC company, Morning.

Co-founder Tao HU has his Master’s from USC. He spent two years as Software Engineer for Oculus VR/Facebook. He co-founded InnoVision, a legit Chinese VR/AR company that’s been around two years now.

Co-founder Sunny Sun obtained his Master’s from USC in 2014. He also spent two years as a Software Engineer for Facebook and c-founded Innovision.

Three impressive advisors are highlighted below:


The goal of the EON Ppatform is to revolutionize the traditional way of distributing games with blockchain technology.

The gaming market spans the entire globe. Gaming and blockchain go together like peas and carrots. Eon’s goal is to revolutionize the traditional way of distributing games.

With EON, all that revenue you see above goes to the developers and community, not “The Man.” Also, the platform changes the advertising game, providing a Game Discovery System that will save developers double-digit percentages in revenue.


  •  The EON Foundation is made up of three members so far. Two of them are Founders of EON. This seems pretty centralized. -1
  • 30% of the total supply will be used to incentivize gamers and developers. Although this is good for growing EON’s platform it’s still 650 million tokens being inflated into the market. -1
  • Thre is and will be a lot of competition. -1
  • This roadmap is vague and doesn’t provide many big news moments to bring attention and price gains to the project. -1

Growth Potential

  • The team has already delivered a popular crypto game called CryptoAlpaca, which supposedly has over 200,000 signups to date. +2
  • EON Foundation will buy back, and burn tokens when the platform reaches certain user milestones (i.e., 100,000 users).+2
  • According to a market research company, Newzoo, The gaming market is growing by 6% every year. +1
  • They will initially focus on blockchain games and indie games. But in the future, they will support PC and mobile games. +2
  • Partnerships with Merculet and WAX. Connections to EOS and Ethereum. +3


This is a project with the potential for greatness. They are raising $15 million and will have no problem getting that. Whether or not this team has the chops to succeed in this soon to be very competitive space remains to be seen. However, the use case alone is enough to make at least a small contribution if you are lucky enough to make the whitelist. 6/10

Investment Details

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