ICO Analysis: DxChain

DxChain is a big data and machine learning, scalable blockchain with a native protocol token. DxChain aims to solve computation of big data in a decentralized environment. The DxChain network will meet numerous business operation and businesses intelligence needs by enabling users to trade data and create applications. DxChain is designing a specific chain-on-chain structure which will manage the master chain, storage chain, and computation chain to reach consensus and provide the incentive mechanism in a Byzantine environment.

Layers of DxChain:

1) Master Chain – Stores information such as transactions, contracts, and receipts
2) Data Chain – file storage system for P2P; also stores the non-assets data
3) Computation Chain – computing tasks on the DxChain virtual machine (DVM)

Major DxChain Innovations:

1) PDC (Provable Data Computation):A new decentralized computing framework introducing Provable Data Computing and verification game

2) Chains-on-chain Architecture: Two side chains along with the master chain (data side chain/computing side chain)

3) Migrate the Hadoop ecosystem to a decentralized environment: Incorporates Hadoop into the DxChain network in order to facilitate big data and machine learning

4) Support business data exchange and analytics: A powerful and flexible DxChain-based system architecture designed to support business data analytics and data exchange requirements

Use cases in the DxChain ecosystem:

1) Smart City: Machine learning analysis will be available on the dataset in which sensors daily generate and create actionable business intelligence reports to guide business decisions. The DxChain ecosystem developer could leverage it to build their own machine learning apps.

2) Healthcare: Reduce cost for storing data and traffic. Data encrypted and stored in blockchain in a tractable and secure way. Data exchange and sharing are enabled via DxChain’s data model to standardize data. Machine learning will allow healthcare vendors to build their own AI to monitor patients’ health and critical vital signals.

3) AI Model Training: DxChain, and machine learning blockchain could benefit AI vendors in many ways. The DxChain ecosystem developer could leverage them to build their own machine learning Dapps.


The DxChain token (DX) is an ERC20 utility token that will be required for certain designed functions on the DxChain network and will be used as the unit of exchange within the  network. DX will be used to facilitate the participation in the DxChain network and be used as incentives for contributions to and/or maintenance of the DxChain network. The price will be 1DX = $0.0014 USD during the public sale which is scheduled for August.

Token allocation is as follows:

  • 48% Ecosystem, Mining, and Community
  • 22% Tokens for sale
  • 10% Foundation
  • 10% Marketing & Business Partners
  • 10% Team


The team is solid and brings experience and expertise in business, blockchain, finance and marketing – all of which are necessary for the success and completion of this project. The complete list of team and advisors can be found on their website. However, below  are a few noteworthy team members and advisors.

Allan Zhang: Co-Founder and dxpert in blockchain and network security. Founder of Trustlook and a serial entrepreneur.

Taosheng Shi: Blockchain Engineer and former innovation manager and principal system architect at NOKIA; 10+ years experience in distributed system research and development.

Wei Wang: Co-founder & Chief Scientist; former Principal Scientist at AT&T research on blockchain technology. Principal Scientist at Hortonworks research on big data and artificial intelligence.


Leo Wang

  • Founding partner – PreAngel Fund
  • Currently manages over 1 billion CNY in assets
  • Invested in 300+ startups from the US and China
  • Angel investor in NEO and ObEN PAI

Fan Zhang

  • Founding Partner – Sequoia Capital China
  • Director of DFJ ePlanet Ventures
  • Forbes annual China’s Midas List – ranked as one of the leading venture capitalists


There is an amazing growth opportunity in the big data market and DxChain aims to capitalize on it. Along with the strength of the team, recent MVP release and growing social media presence, Dxchain is positioning itself to do just that.


  • There are multiple competitors in this space with some being much further along in their development such as SONM and Golem. -1.75
  • The main network isn’t scheduled for launch until Q4 2019 which could deter some impatient ICO investors in this fast-paced market. -1.5

Growth Potential

  • Their website lists 32 investing partners such as Node Capital, Signum Capital, and PreAngel. DxChain has also established a working partnership with QuarkChain. +4
  • The DxChain team has done a decent job marketing their ico thus far. Their Twitter and Telegram numbers signify good social engagement which helps attract ICO investors and can build hype if they keep the momentum going. +2.5
  • Having an MVP or prototype is a significant positive for ICO investors. DxChain recently released a video of their MVP Alpha, Rocky Mountains, which can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvFtJrRrUv8&t= +3.5


With multiple positive factors in place – excellent financial backing, partnerships, MVP and strong team/advisors, DxChain has potential amongst ico investors for a solid ROI. DxChain receives a 6.75 out of 10 rating.

Investment Details

  • Symbol: DX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Price: 1 DX = $0.0014 USD
  • Hard Cap: $21,500,000 USD
  • Total Supply: 100,000,000,000 DX
  • Available For Purchase: 22,000,000,000 DX
  • Public Sale: August 2018

For more information regarding DxChain:

Website: www.dxchain.com
Twitter: twitter.com/DxChainNetwork
Telegram: t.me/dxchain
Medium: medium.com/dxchainnetwork
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DxChainNetwork
YouTube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCNIWZiYjMKVjF1LIY9uIslg

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