ICO Analysis: Brain Space

As we spend more and more time on the Internet, we become more “digital” and unsurprisingly, our everyday practices keep changing. Yet, change isn’t always so simple, especially when it comes down to intellectual property. Constantly using the Internet and creating new, original content whose rights we are entitled to, creates controversies as the intellectual property market faces several crucial problems such as in the following:

  • It is hard to establish connections between businesses and intellectual property owners.
  • There is no high-quality sustainable system dedicated to intellectual property.

But no more says the Brain Space team whose primary goals are to create an infrastructure to solve problems in the industry and to provide frictionless access for authors to the international stage. The latter is especially crucial for the market and should be underlined because if it is hard, inaccessible and inconvenient for an author to register and record his or her products, a healthy market’s occurrence is hardly conceivable.

Yet this is proven to be hard in the actual intellectual properties market as “a huge increase in capitalization, the issue of infringement of the author’s rights and the misuse of someone else’s intellectual property is acute”. The author has every reason and right to demand that his or her rights are protected and his or her products are used in accordance with legal frameworks. This brings the need for a platform where copyrights, patents or other intellectual properties are registered and protected rightfully.

Creating a safe and fast platform to store all this data is not an easy task obviously, yet Brain Space has proven how serious they are by building their own data center for this purpose to support the network of nodes. It is planned to have a capacity of 5 Petabytes (5,000 Terabytes or 5,000,000 Gigabytes), 3,000 KW of energy and 500 server racks each with a 40 Gbit per second Internet connection.


IMP tokens are used as universal payment tools in the platform. The private-sale price per IMT token is $0.01, the pre-sale price $0.03 and the ICO price is $0.08. As any ICO investors will have to pay eight times of private sale contributors for the same number of tokens, token metrics do not seem favorable for him or her. Any crypto-investor who has taken a likening in the project might be better off if he or she waits until the token hits the market where probably he or she could buy it cheaper than the ICO price.

The initial total supply of IMP is 2,700,000,000 tokens with the following token distribution:

  1. 10% private sale
  2. 26% token sale
  3. 5% bounty, bonus, marketing
  4. 2% further attraction in the project
  5. 17% pre-sale
  6. 15% team
  7. 25% maintaining the platform project

The team is planning to use the token sale proceeds as follows.

  1. 28% data center
  2. 1% ICO expenses
  3. 15% listing, marketing, and business development
  4. 7% team
  5. 2% attraction of users
  6. 2% legal and financial services
  7. 8% expansion, operations
  8. 2% legal status and licenses
  9. 15% backup
  10. 5% technical development
  11. 14% specialists
  12. 1% community events


Ivan Shikhalev: Shikhalev was a software engineer at Tenzor Company.

Denis Dimitriev: Dimitriev has worked as a financial analyst at TeleTrade Russia.


Below is a breakdown of the risks and growth potential of Brain Space.


  • As the ICO price is eight times of the private sale price, any ICO investor will have to pay eight times more than a private sale contributor for the same number of IMP tokens which does not sound like a healthy investment at all. It might be reasonable to wait until the token hits the market and hope it opens at a lower price if you are interested in the project. (-2)

Growth Potential

  • The team is planning to have its own data center, which means that the team is aiming to provide sufficient speed and security for the platform in addition to any other nodes run by others. (+2)
  • Blockchains’ immutable permanent nature is a perfect fit for intellectual property platforms. (+2)


The intellectual rights market suffers from several problems such as the absence of a high-quality sustainable platform, the infringement of authors’ rights and the misuse of the authors’ rights as well as products. Blockchain technology, thanks to its immutable, permanent nature, has a high chance to solve this problem and Brain Space is such a platform aiming at these issues. Although one might be worried about the platform’s security, speed, and scalability, the team is planning to build its own high-capacity data center to support network needs. Still, from an ICO investor’s perspective, we cannot say token metrics are favorable as the private sale contributors had the chance to buy IMP tokens with a price of $0.01 while the ICO price is $0.08. As of the time of writing, there are still two months until the ICO, so the ICO investor should strongly weigh the project’s pros and cons before making any investment and likely consider buying tokens after they hit the market. Brain Space receives a 2/10.

Investment Details

  • Type: ERC20 – Utility
  • Symbol: IMP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Crowdsale: January 14th
  • Minimum Investment: $100
  • Price: $0.08
  • Hard Cap: $73,630,000
  • Payments Accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum
  • Restricted from Participating: United States, China, and North Korea

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