ICO Analysis: Blackbox

As technology rapidly changes the way our planet does business, it makes sense to change the way we work. Despite there being over 140 million “knowledge workers” in America and Europe alone, companies are struggling to find talent, and talent is struggling to find great jobs with fair compensation.

Blackbox is a token operated and governed business operating system to manage distributed companies, teams, and projects on the blockchain. Built upon Ethereum, Blackbox is a DApp composed of a series of smart contracts and decentrally stored data that looks to effectively eliminate duplicate and repetitive workflows, improve collaboration, and equitably distribute rewards based on more objective evaluations. The BBOS serves internal contributors, member organizations, and token holders also known collectively as the Blackbox Network.

The Blackbox Foundation is a non-profit entity with a mission to promote, educate, and support a model for the future of work. The vision is to transition to a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) where blockchain and smart contracts establish and manage relationships between different entities to form a network of next generation organizations. The entire planet will become a talent pool. With the right systems, standards, and training in place, a decentralized workforce allows companies to grow exponentially. Bringing on new people doesn’t require more office space or increased overhead.

“Beginning with the past engineers, developers, founders, former executives, investors, and solopreneurs joining forces and referencing projects, sharing expenses, building bridges to other communities and networks of people. We are reimagining the future of work and powering decentralized collaboration for PhDs, engineers, researchers, and futurists to solve some of the hardest AI problems organizations face and help them become more efficient, grow existing revenue, and unlock new opportunities.”


Blackbox OS is composed of configurable modules that provide any distributed team with the tools and access to a broader ecosystem. The talented team has already created several modules and protocols which can be accessed at the module marketplace.

  • Proof of Value Consensus Protocol (PoV): Provides alignment and agreement on any work to ensure quality and appropriate compensation. Accurately estimate and compensate contributors for the actual, unbiased value they add to any project.
  • DVP Proposal protocol: Not influenced by socioeconomic factors resulting in a platform that is free of fees, politics, and traditional organizational bloat. The protocol has disincentives for malicious actors and rewards those pursuing the common good.

This is just a couple of the many early components. For all the details see pages 15-25 of the whitepaper.


BBOS token enables a frictionless and efficient payment method and trust transaction engine for all members of the network.

There will be nodes and staking, but the details are not yet available.


  • 31% Foundation
  • 21% Team
  • 34% External
  • 10% Ecosystem Reserve
  • 2% Bounties
  • 1% Casual Team
  • 1% Advisors


  • 40% – Product Development
  • 30% – Marketing
  • 15% – Business
  • 10% – Legal
  • 5% – Other


This team is very capable, here are some of the standouts.

Jason Sosa –  Co-Founder and CEO. In 2002 he founded a music research service for radio stations which was acquired by Troy Research 8 years later. Went on to found IMRSV, a technology company focused on emotion recognition for media and market research insights, which was acquired by Kairos in 2015. Founded BlackBox AI, a diverse group of acclaimed Ph.D. experts, tech founders, and former executives focused on areas where artificial intelligence and blockchain can lead to a direct and measurable business ROI

Ben Stewart – Co-Founder and COO.  Played on the 2011 UCONN Nat Championship basketball team. 2 years as Synthetic Equities Analyst at UBS Investment Bank. 2 years as Strategy Analyst for Carlyle Group. 1.5 years as Software Engineer for Betterment.

Roland Schmidt – Partner and Solutions Architect. He’s been involved in the computer world since 1995. Physicist and former Sr Manager, Software Engineer, Solution Architect. Formerly at Whirlpool and Dematic.

Tom Bowles – PHD from Oxford. CERN. 20+ years experience building companies and teams using a combination of deep technical knowledge, business development and finance (trading/investing).

Matthew Knapp – Marketing, pro-growth hacker. Upper level managed at Apple, Yahoo, and Beats by Dre.

Jay Swartz – Chief Scientist. Data Scientist with over 40 years experience working with Apple, IBM, Seagate, and Sun (Oracle).

There are ten more team members listed with similar top-shelf qualities.

Four advisors:

It is also rumored that there are over 60 PhDs and scholars already contributing to the Blackbox network.


Blackbox makes the bold claim of being the “future of work”.  As of now, it’s more like a fascinating experiment, with tremendous potential.

“Blackbox token enables increased transparency, equality, and profitablility for the betterment of all. We are embracing change and using our strength as a collaborative community to rethink ways of doing things based on the common good, rather than the non-reciprocal interests of profit over people institutions. By removing barriers between organizational silos, we streamline communication, co-develop advanced tools, share the best practices, and gain interoperability to unlock a world of new possibilities. The future of work is here, and we provide a path forward into a new alternative form “


  • This will be based on the Ethereum blockchain which isn’t fully developed or capable of scaling yet. -0.5
  • The complexity of this project could keep casual users away. Founder Jason Sosa says, “As an entrepreneurial-minded network, we aren’t for everyone. We compete for hard-to-find talent such as data scientists, machine learning engineers, solution architects, founders, and most of all — we compete against the status quo.”  -1
  • The BlackBox Manifesto is kind of threatening. Hard to imagine big business not trying to do everything they can to keep Blackbox from succeeding -0.5
  • There are already several competitors including Gigster, Upwork, and Top Talent. However, none of them hold a candle to Blackbox in terms of potential. -1

 Growth Potential

  • One of the most skilled teams ever seen in crypto. +3.5
  • Each organization inside the Blackbox Network will be able to exchange business plans/ideas with each other while keeping their own custom government structure or mold intact. +1
  • The low $10 million market cap leaves plenty of room for token value growth. +3
  • Already a strong community: 17,000 Twitter and 24,000 Telegram followers. (The company gave 2% of tokens away as bounty for marketing) +2
  • The name Blackbox is a reference to Saturn. Typically throughout history, companies that reference Saturn in their name thrive.+1


This is a top-shelf ICO that goes way deeper than what this analysis provides. It’s definitely worth looking more into. 7.5/10

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