ICO Analysis: BitSong

The music industry is ever-evolving alongside new technologies. Smart contracts and blockchain are currently changing it again. Over the past year, numerous music blockchain projects have come onto the scene as ambitious entrepreneurs try to get in on the action.

BitSong, is an Ethereum based project that wants to put the entire process on one platform. Music creators will stream their songs or videos, manage their fanbase and work out advertising deals all on the BitSong Platform.

According to the whitepaper:

“The BitSong Platform will be a holistic one -stop shop approach, choice is given to the user, to watch videos, stream music and have the ability to use whichever device they own to partake in Bitsong. This also permits the artist to manage their social media fanbase from one source, their Bitsong channel, thereby retaining their fans on one single decentralized music platform”

The platform allows users to do the following;

  • Upload new songs/videos and create your own music channel.
  • Sell your songs, listen to them and get donations.
  • Earn BTSG token during your plays.
  • Support the artist by making a donation through the BTSG token.
  • Listen to your songs on any TV, Smartphone or PC.
  • Sponsor your business or your songs in full autonomy.

Perhaps the coolest feature of BitSong will be how they incorporate advertisements into the platform. The user will be paid for their “User Attention,” the producer will receive earnings in real time and the advertiser will be able to optimize the campaign after viewing the reports.


The BTSG token will be essential for: sponsorship, making a donation, purchasing a song, voting, buying tickets and purchasing merchandising.

Use of funds:

  • 50% Business Development and Expansion
  • 15% Technology and Logistics
  • 15% Research and Development
  • 20% Marketing and PR

Two percent the tokens were sold at a 40% discount during the pre-sale in late May.


This is a rather large and spread out team. Lots of different countries involved and most of the team are former DJs/producers.

Angelo Recca: Co-Founder/CEO from Italy. LinkedIn says he has been CEO of this cloud storage company SpazioRC since 2012. Spazio has only one employee listed on LinkedIn and the twitter only has 340 followers and hasn’t been active since Novemebr 2017.

Rino Ticli: Co-Founder. The only work history listed is “DeeJay” since 2002. He doesn’t seem to be a very popular DJ/producer, either. He’s had Twitter since 2012 yet only has 800 followers that give him zero love or retweets.

Julian Anghelin: EMEA Manager. Despite typing a long and vague description of his skills, the only work history he has listed is as a publications guy for Royal Caribbean Cruises for ten months in 2016.

Giovanni Melfi: CTO and Blockchain Developer. Out of the 12 team members, he is the only developer. And it looks like he has no work history to brag about. He did describe himself on LinkedIn as follows:” Passionate about cryptocurrencies and blockchain, 2 languages speaker. Coming from an experience in software engineering and a passion for software development with some programming languages such as PHP. I participated in some group work on the robotic system, on linux programming and on StartUp Manager, and I think these experiences are the most important for professional growth.”

The website goes on to list 19 international DJs/producers that are supposed to be a part of BitSong. However, after checking all of them, only a couple ever mention BitSong. No mentions of the token sale.

The most popular is a guy named Tadeo, who gained almost 300,000 Twitter followers for being on an MTV reality show. He does not mention the BitSong crowdsale on his twitter.

Nicola Fasano is a DJ with 16,000 followers on Twitter.

Mossel is a DJ with 10,000 followers but doesn’t mention Bitsong ICO


We usually don’t do analysis on projects that already had their pre-sale. However, after seeing these ratings, it seemed like our opinion was needed. These high scores are out of line. The only explanation is that the reviews were done a few months ago, before the bad news bears arrived to spoil everyone’s shill fest.

Nobody here expects YouTube, Spotify and record companies to just step aside while smart contract/blockchain projects move in. Said blockchain projects needs to be extra special with an extra special team in order to even stand a chance of competing.

Based on team inexperience and lack of MVP alone, this gets an unfavorable rating.


  • The team is not experienced at all in business or blockchain. -1
  • It doesn’t look like they will come close at all to reaching the hard cap. They have a large team and payroll. It’s going to take a long time for both BitSong and Ethereum to work properly. There’s a strong chance they run out of money by then -1
  • No MVP, only one blockchain developer listed on their team, plus many other small things that lead us to believe they might not be really trying to build this thing. -1
  • GitHub is not active at all. This supports the above theory. -1
  • Competition. The author has reviewed 4 different blockchain music ICOsin the last year. He ranks this one 3/4. -1

Growth Potential

  • Ambitious roadmap on page 15 of the whitepaper. +1
  • One of these blockchain music projects is going to be popular. BitSong has an outsiders chance. +1
  • The crowdsale will run for three months, ending in November. Perhaps the market will be bullish by then. +2
  • They make a really bold claim on their site about having 177,404 users. When asked who these users are, the reply was, “177,404 users interacted with our bot and registered in our wallet.” This is kinda hard to believe, but if true those type numbers will definitely help them scale. +3

“Together with our community (about 180,000 users) we want to create a special environment, a new way to hear, see and enjoy music,where every artist can be his own distributor, sponsoring it on world music channels, where clarity and transparency rule and users can be rewarded for listening and viewing advertising.”


It’s just way too good to be true. The silver lining is that we’ve seen several projects succeed in the past with this same strategy. A brilliant whitepaper idea with no MVP, and an untested team. However, in today’s paranoid market, most investors are now needing evidence of work, not just a whitepaper and a dream. +2/10

Investment Details

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Joshua Larson is also known as the "Bullshit Man" for his ability to spot it a mile away. Avid ICO researcher and contributor. Former professional poker player/backer. Spent 10 years analyzing hand history, stats, and player data. Discovered blockchain in late 2016, and never looked back. He now uses his analysis skills to investigate ICOs full time. What a perfect match, because in today's crazy world of ICOs, information, passion, and diligence = dollar bills!