ICO Analysis: Arxum

ARXUM is a spinoff from a longtime German company, Arend Prozessautomation GmbH, which has established customer relationships with companies such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Continental.

ARXUM combines software and hardware development competencies with industrial production experience to attach physical machines to the bockchain world. ARXUM will interconnect manufacturers, suppliers and customers in a blockchain-based network. Data will be transferred between users and machines, enabling customized manufacturing for the same price as mass production. ARXUM enables manufacturers to offer customized products for prices at mass production levels and enables everyone to produce their self-created products.

The company uses Ricardian smart contracts to bind all peers into one production order in which quality standards can be defined and respective contractual partners are bound. All participants of the ARXUM platform save money and time through the direct connection between factories and users.


The ARXUM Connection Box (ACB) is a device invented by an experienced team of engineers and programmers. It connects the physical world of machines to the blockchain. Through the ACB, machines are connected to smart contracts. The ACB can also receive and send payments and initiate production. That way, less manual labor is needed in the production process. ARXUM uses blockchain technology to automatically send production orders. Enormous amounts of money are saved by replacing manual labor with standardized framework contracts.


When the ARXUM Connection Box is linked to production machines, a blockchain-based network is established. This is the ARXUM Production Network. The machines can interact with one another on the network and production orders can be downloaded straight from the blockchain. The network also works as a marketplace where individuals and businesses can interact and produce goods together.


The ARXUM Production Protocol is what automates the manufacturing processes. It connects businesses, individuals and production machines with one another through smart contracts. It also delivers end-to-end visibility within everything that happens during the production. This includes things like proof of ownership, proof of existence, location and provenance. These features enable Intelligent Production Facilities. Intelligent machines connected directly to the blockchain can exchange information and control one another. This includes machines with crypto-wallets that can pay other machines for actions, so-called M2M payments.

Three main applications are built upon the ARXUM Production Protocol:

  • Marketplace
  • Production Consortium
  • Mass-Customization


The AX ERC20 token will be used to pay service fees and fund smart contract production orders. While other currencies may be used for transaction payments, users will receive a discount by utilizing AX tokens. The AX token will be used for loyalty fees for manufacturers, an access fees for premium membership functions and as rewards for specific network activities.

One unit of AX is worth $0.25 and the market cap is $18.75 million. Eighty percent of the 125 million AX tokens will be available for purchase during the private pre-sale and crowdsale. The crowdsale with have bonus tiers ranging from 5% to 35%. Details can be found in their whitepaper. Unsold tokens will be burned.

The token distribution is as follows:

  • 62% Crowdsale
  • 18% Private Presale
  • 16% Team – 2 Year Vesting
  • 4%  Bounty

ICO proceed allocation:

  • 53% Technology & Software Development
  • 14% Business Development & Operations
  • 20% Marketing, Community & Sales
  • 5%  Security
  • 4%  Legal, Regulation & Compliance
  • 3%  Offices & Miscellaneous Expenses


The ARXUM executive team brings experience in software development, management and business ownership/development. ARXUM’s core team consists of software developers, industrial PLC systems, application programming and blockchain developers. Twelve team members and eight advisers are listed on the ARXUM website including the following:

    • Founder & Managing Director – ARXUM
    • Head of R&D and Production IT – AREND Prozessautomation GmbH
    • Former Postdoctoral Researcher – University of Luxembourg
    • Founder & Managing Director – ARXUM
    • Managing Director – HIC Investitionen und Consulting GmbH
    • Blockchain Development – ARXUM
    • Blockchain Developer and Chief Of Delivery – LimeChain
    • Co-Founder and Chief Growth Officer – Swip
    • Former Senior Software Developer – Musala Soft

Advisers include:

    • President and CEO – BlockStar
    • Board Member – Blockchain Compliance Alliance
    • Professor of Automation, Engineering, and Management – Trier University of Applied Sciences
    • Expertise: Management of interdisciplinary Projects, Development of Cyber-Physical-Systems, and Systematic Problem Solving
    • Co-Founder – DLT Capital GmbH
    • Scientific Assistant – Frankfurt School Blockchain Center


ARXUM has the advantage of coming from an existing company with major business connections. This will be a leg up in terms of adoption. If manufacturers are quick to join and utilize ARXUM, they could achieve success and create name recognition ahead of competitors. Also, having an MVP (ARXUM Connection Box) prior to the crowdsale gives investors more confidence over investing in a whitepaper ICO.


  • The hype factor can’t be denied in the current ICO market. Compared to other ICOs that heavily market themselves to create hype and attract investors, ARXUM currently has relatively low hype and low social media presence. Also, with ARXUM selling 80% of their tokens, they don’t have as high a marketing budget as those who sell less. -1.5
  • While a relatively small amount is being sold in the private pre-sale, there is no lock-up period mentioned on the tokens sold. The pre-sale will almost assuredly have better terms than the public crowdsale. -1.5

Growth Potential

  • While many ICOs come to market with little more than a website and whitepaper, ARXUM is an ICO with an actual MVP. The ARXUM Connection Box is fully developed and ready for use. +4
  • Eighty percent of tokens are available for purchase and the majority of those will be sold in the public crowdsale rather than the private pre-sale. This should definitely appeal to average investors. +3
  • The team, along with five credible advisers, is 12 members strong and brings experience in the necessary fields required to bring the project to success. Their 2 year vesting period also shows dedication and commitment. +4


While ARXUM hasn’t been heavily marketed, the project is an excellent fit for the blockchain. Whether more hype is created or not, ARXUM has potential to be a profitable ICO in 2018 with an already working product and 80% of tokens for sale at a reasonable hard cap. Coming from an existing company with established industrial partners will help with implementation and adoption. ARXUM receives a 7 out of 10 rating.

Investment Details

  • Symbol: AX
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Total Supply: 125M
  • Available for Purchase: 100M (80%)
  • Token Price: $0.25 USD
  • Hard Cap: $18.75M
  • Private Pre-Sale: $5,625,000
  • Crowdsale: $13,125,000
  • Crowdsale Date: TBA
  • Bonus Tiers: ICO Phase 1 – 35%, ICO Phase 2 – 20%, 15%, 10%, 5%

For more information regarding Arxum:

Website: https://arxum.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/arxumforall
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ARXUM-224545318086179/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheArxum
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/arxum/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/Arxum_company/
Medium: https://medium.com/arxum
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCk90zCdbms2Ns1EFecsPJlg