How to Sell Bitcoin

Generally, bitcoin investors are split into the buy-and- hold variety and the speculators. As one would guess, the buy-and- hold crowd intends to hold their bitcoin for a long period of time, but if you’re a speculator, you could want to get rid of it as soon as you achieve your desired returns. And if you do decide to sell it, there are two main ways you can go about doing this: online or offline.

Sell Via a Trading Exchange

The most likely option is to sell via an exchange. This is probably the same way you initially bought your bitcoin too, so it would be easy to set up. What you are doing here is converting your bitcoin back into a fiat currency before transferring that currency into your day-to- day banking account.

The exchange takes the Bitcoin off your hands and it is all done near instantly. Just like any other market, a buyer and seller are connected, but this happens much faster than the direct trade option. The result will probably be a higher fee for lower time invested on your part. Fees are generally broken down into withdrawal/deposit fees and then transaction fees, and you should do your due diligence before you waste too much money on these fees.

Another interesting business model for selling bitcoin is to do it via a peer-to- peer marketplace. These marketplaces connect buyers and sellers based on their mutual needs. The way it is set up, someone with Bitcoin is put in touch with someone who wants Bitcoin, and they engage in a bit of a complicated maneuver. The person who wants Bitcoin buys the seller something with their fiat currency, and is then transferred the appropriate amount of Bitcoin from the other person.

Physically Selling Bitcoin

One of the top reasons people perform physical trades of Bitcoin is to avoid the hassle of dealing with regulators. This isn’t to say they are committing illegal acts, it’s just not easy to get through all the regulations which are currently in place. Banks are petrified of regulators and stay away from cryptocurrencies as a result. It also isn’t cheap to deal with the banks. Wire transfers and other money moving methods cost a decent chunk, so online withdrawal can lead to some memorable problems that push users towards the physical side of the industry.

When selling Bitcoin in person, the overall mechanism is the same as selling anything else. The only catch is that it is a lot harder to verify the trade, which leaves open the possibility for fraud. In the best case scenario, you are dealing with family or a friend, so the trust factor of this transaction is not an issue.

Using a Local Service

If you are selling to an absolute stranger over an exchange like, you will need to agree on a few terms ahead of time. This could mean dictating a price that day, or it could mean choosing the exchange which the transaction price will be based off of. Remember that the cryptocurrency is still very volatile, so price swings are to be expected. This is why terms should be agreed upon way in advance.

Meetups are a safer alternative to meeting new people in areas you are not familiar with. These groups will usually have a few members who are looking to sell some Bitcoin or at least have some friends that will. This is the value of community. Just make sure you stay safe and perform all your transactions in a public place. You wouldn’t go around with a $10,000 good on you, so don’t do the same thing with bitcoin.

Bitcoin ATMs

The other physical option you can pursue is cashing your Bitcoin out at a cryptocurrency ATM. These are present all over the world and are popping up with a higher frequency as time goes on. The major benefit to this method is not having to deal with multiple fees. When you convert your money back into fiat currency online, you usually need to send it to a separate bank account at the end before you can access it. An ATM works to directly charge your wallet and save you this trouble.


Each method has its own positives and negatives, but as long as you register them both, you won’t have a problems getting rid of your coins. Selling them online often results in significant delays, but doing it in person means you have a security risk and have to go through more effort. The industry is expected to evolve, and it will eventually be easier to sell Bitcoin, but for the time being, most innovators are focused on making buying Bitcoin easier. These are your best options for now.

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