We are Hiring: Two Positions Open

CCN and Hacked.com is growing. This means we need to hire more talented people to become a part of the family. We currently have four full time employees and 25 part time journalists from eight different countries ranging from the US, Norway, India to South-Korea.

We have two positions open:

  1. Full time dedicated journalist with research and analytical capabilities
  2. Full time dedicated journalist with strong opinionated skills

We are only looking to employ the most talented applicants. Salary is negotiable.

Key requirements:

  • Produce unique quality content for our readers and members
  • Have a strong passion about cryptocurrencies, fintech, blockchain technology and financial assets
  • Have a vast experience in the field from previous projects and engagement
  • Is unbiased with little to none participation in other cryptocurrency projects
  • Is creative and independent; can find your own unique stories (breaking and more investigative articles)
  • Has discipline and can work on tight schedules with high pressure

If you want to apply, please fill in this form:


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