Hillary Clinton’s Secret Email Revealed: [email protected]

The personal email account of Hillary Clinton is revealed. She is supposed to have exclusively used her personal email during her tenure as Secretary of State – which is a possible violation of federal record-keeping laws. The news was first reported by Gawker.

A fresh controversy has erupted with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the centre of it. It has been revealed that Hillary Clinton used the email address [email protected] for official correspondence. U.S State Department’s former officials are out rightly denying that her using a private email address violated federal rules pertaining to the preservation of official records.

Although they deny the accusation, an FOIA report that was filed by Gawker two years ago proves that Hillary Clinton used the private email address for the sole purpose of concealing official correspondence from onlookers.

The email handle [email protected] was first revealed by the hacker named Guccifer in March 2013. He revealed the address after gaining access to former Clinton White House staffer Sidney Blumenthal’s AOL account. Guccifer shared screenshots of Blumenthal’s AOL account to various news outlets.

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The screenshots showed that he was in regular contact with Hillary, sending her intelligence reports. One of the emails even included details and advice about the 2012 Benghazi attacks. These emails obviously fall under the bracket of official State Department business and Hillary’s using a private email address for official correspondence of such sensitivity could be in violation of federal laws.

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The email account [email protected] is inactive as of now but was active when the initial report was published by Gawker. The State Department, on being contacted by the Gawker, denied having found any such emails after an extensive search.

They could have refused to divulge the finding of said emails in the interest of preserving national security or violating the personal rights of Sidney Blumenthal, but they said that they did not have the emails between the two parties at all.

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