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Hillary Clinton’s Email Management Company was Hacked

Hillary Clinton’s Email Management Company was Hacked

by Ali RazaSeptember 23, 2015
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The company that Hillary Clinton hired to manage her email accounts was hacked under the period she was using their services. The hack was part of a huge international attack in 2011.

During her tenure as Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton employed the company Internap to manage her private email accounts. Internap was hired as the service provider for Hillary’s email accounts, clintonemail.

Reports have surfaced which indicate that the company was hacked as part of the international attack that included a victim list with companies like RSA Security listed on it. RSA was hacked with a malware-infested email an employee of the company received. This email was used to create backdoors in the company’s network as well as steal classified data. The victim list consisted of around 760 other organizations which were compromised in the attack.

Internap hosts more services than being an internet service provider. In the attack of 2011, five different sectors of the company were attacked, including websites, email-, and cloud services. A theory has also been proposed to Breitbart News by a computer expert that Internap might have been used to infect and hack RSA.

An analysis done by cybersecurity expert Brian Krebbs at the time of the attack, revealed that China was the source of 299 out of the 338 control networks used by the hackers to orchestrate the attacks. It even revealed that the domain names used by the hackers were direct taunts at the United States of America, with domains like ‘’ and ‘’ used by the hackers.

The attack not only included sending malware-infested emails to install backdoors in the computer networks of major organizations, but also denial of service (DoS) attacks as well as distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS). Internap, too, was the victim of such attacks during the time when Hillary was employing them. It was reported that Internap was under another attack in 2014.

The first time Hillary Clinton’s private email servers went down was during the superstorm, Sandy. Breitbart news had earlier reported that her email server had an open webmail portal which made it highly susceptible to attacks by hackers.

However, Internap is not the only email contractor that could have potentially exposed Hillary’s emails as Network Solutions was hit by the attack too. In 2010, around 500,000 Network Solutions domains were hosting malware on their websites due to the hack involving an attack server from Ukraine.

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