What Happened With Droplex – Is Droplex A Scam?

  • Although they definitely were disingenous about the source of their ideas and code, as well as their purpose, and although we can safely say they will probably cut and run with the Ether, it does appear that tokens are being issued. We are extremely doubtful that anything will become of them – an exchange is unlikely to list this token unless popular demand wants it. We’ve seen crazier things than a scam ape succeeding where the genuine article should have.
  • Don’t take the last point as encouragement to buy in this ICO, only as a note that we may actually see DROPS on exchanges in the future, apropos of no actual work done on the blockchain.
  • QRL is soon to have its genesis block. Quantum computing can present a real threat to cryptocurrencies the globe over, so QRL is definitely going to be important. In this respect, it seems QRL is trading at a discount currently, which may be taken as a buy signal for interested parties.


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