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Hackers Reportedly Offer Apple Employees €20,000 For Login Information

Hackers Reportedly Offer Apple Employees €20,000 For Login Information

by Elliot MarasFebruary 10, 2016

Disloyal employees working for major software companies might have an opportunity to make some easy money if a recent report is true.


Hackers are reportedly offering Apple employees €20,000 (£15,000 / $23,000) for inside login information, according to an employee who spoke to Business Insider on the grounds of anonymity. The employee said the offers reflect the number of people trying to gain access to Apple information.

Hackers Solicit Apple Employees

The employee said many would be surprised to know how many offers Apple employees, even random employees, are getting from hackers. Employees are getting emails offering them thousands of euros for a password.

The employee said they could sell their Apple ID login online for €20,000 (£15,000 / $23,000) tomorrow.

A former employee told Business Insider hackers contact Apple employees and offer them money in exchange for company information or login information. These hackers look for someone who has moved diagonally within the company to a junior management role and therefore, is not likely to be a lifer working their way up the ranks. The employee said Apple has developed a scheme called “Grow Your Own” to contain the problem.

What Are They Seeking?

The source did not know what type of information the hackers are seeking. Non-authorized access to Apple’s internal systems would provide valuable data for criminals. The criminals could target individual user accounts, corporate strategy data or intellectual property.

The company is very careful about its security and makes it hard for anyone to gain access to Apple’s information without the necessary authorization.

Some remote Apple workers in Ireland have found it difficult to access company offices in Cork, where thousands of employees work.

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