Have Hackers Been Meddling With Cables in California?

hackers-cables-california-tamperingFBI investigators are currently looking into the possibility that hackers in California have been intruding on the physical cables that run the length and breadth of the state.

Particularly, they’ve found that cables around San Francisco had been tampered with at least eleven times. They are not sure what the purpose of the tampering exactly is, but the most recent attack took place on Tuesday. Numerous businesses and individuals lost all access to the Internet for a short time while cables became inoperable. Bay Area residents obviously rely on the Internet more than other areas, given that it is the technology capital of the world.

Investigators say that the attackers would have to get underground, into vaults, to create the kind of disruption they have. This takes a tremendous amount of effort. The worst part for the people in the area is that the attacker is likely very good at what he is doing, and could get away with it several more times.

Lost productivity could become a serious issue if he began attacking regularly. The FBI currently believes that the attacker could be wearing a utility worker uniform while conducting the attacks, making it more difficult for people to detect that something wrong is going on. However, it is clear that none of these breaches have been permitted by the company, so it could be as simple as posting guards at all of the facilities, and only allowing people who actually belong. It would be illuminating if an attack even took place after that, indicating that the attacker worked for the service provider.

So far, though, the attacks have been at locations that don’t even have cameras. It would seem to require a certain amount of inside knowledge just to know that somewhere did not have a camera, as opposed to other locations.

The attacker’s chances of getting away with this disruptive act the more he does it. If he chooses not to conduct another attack, he may just get away with it, as at present the FBI has very little to go on.

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