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Hacker Offers Millions of MySpace Passwords and Emails for $2,800

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Hacker Offers Millions of MySpace Passwords and Emails for $2,800


This article was posted on Sunday, 06:51, UTC.

A hacker who claims to have stolen more than 164 million LinkedIn users now claims to have 360 million MySpace passwords and emails, which would rank as one of the largest password heists ever, according to Motherboard. Evidence suggests the data has circulated among hackers. On Friday afternoon, the hacker, who goes by the name “Peace” put the hacked MySpace data for sale on the Real Deal darknet website for 6 bitcoin (about $2,800). He told Motherboard he will put the listing up for sale before others start spreading it. When Was MySpace Breached? Peace and a LeakedSource operator claim…

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