Hacker Group Makes DDoS Threats against PlayStation Network & Xbox Live This Christmas

 In a series of tweets posted today on Twitter, a grey-hat hacker group who call themselves the Phantom Squad have threatened to disrupt gaming networks with DDoS attacks targeting Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox Live.

This might resemble familiar reading for console gamers everywhere. A group of hackers who dub themselves ‘the Phantom Squad are threatening a gloomy Christmas for millions of gamers everywhere by claiming to target popular gaming networks PSN (PlayStation Network) and Xbox Live.


Phantom Squad targeted Reddit a few days ago before turning its crosshairs toward the gaming networks. If the DDoS attack is carried out successfully — long enough to disrupt the gaming networks and knock them offline – the timing, threats and the feat will bear striking resemblance to hacker group Lizard Squad’s attacks last year.

The group is even running an interactive poll on Twitter, getting votes from people to choose a website or network to attack.


Similarities With Lizard Squad

In 2014, Lizard Squad made good on their threat to take down both console gaming networks on Christmas day. The group claimed to carry out the attacks by doing “what they do because they can do what they do.”

Sony acknowledged the disruptions affecting both gaming networks in a statement last year. It took several days for PSN and Xbox live to resume normal, uninterrupted services following the attacks. Sony has particularly felt the brunt of malicious hackers in the past. The company’s Hollywood Studio, Sony Pictures Entertainment has been the target of a now infamous breach that even led to diplomatic tensions between North Korea and the United States. Sony has also had disruptions since Christmas last year despite being the most popular selling console in the present era.

For its part, Phantom Squad has claimed that it is not associated with Lizard Squad and has distanced itself from the infamous group. To prove its capabilities, the DDoS group commenced its attacks from the previous weekend and struck various multiplayer networks of popular games such as FIFA, Grant Theft Auto and more. Some 100 million gamers use PlayStation Network while over 50 million use Xbox Live.

Phantom Squad says it is willing to cancel its Christmas takedown of PSN and Xbox Live if a particular tweet gets ‘retweeted’ a hundred times.


At the time of publishing, gamers have already ensured that the number is met. It’s possible that the ‘Phantom Squad’ are making their threats for the publicity. Or they’re just doing it for the ‘lulz’. It serves as a good reminder that Lizard Squad did the same, this time last year before spoiling Christmas for millions of gamers everywhere.

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