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Hacked Ukraine Military Documents Spell Out Disastrous Situations

Hacked Ukraine Military Documents Spell Out Disastrous Situations

by Clay Michael GillespieFebruary 7, 2015

The hacker group known as Cyber Berkut gained access to a computer belonging to a chief military prosecutor on January 28, grabbing documents that show that Ukraine is not in good shape.

Author’s Note: The leaked documents have not been verified as official documents. The article is marked as a rumor for this reason.

The documents spell disastrous situations for the Ukrainian army in their fight for freedom, even though the government seems to be spinning the story the opposite way. Among cries of positive gains, the documents show that troops are demoralized, with recruits fleeing to Russia.

What’s worse, the numbers of death are staggering compared to the official reports from the Ukranian government. On Jan. 25, Lieutenant General Sergei Popko restricted transmissions of information recording losses in battles. As the documents show, the recent battles in Donbass were severely underreported in losses by tens to hundreds of times more.

Documents Show Ukraine Soldiers Fleeing Battle

UkraineWhen publishing the documents, Cyber Berkut gave the following statement. Originally written in Ukrainian, Hacked translated the words into English as best as possible:

“The troops are demoralized and surrendering, no reserves, mobilization slips, recruits fleeing to Russia and the West. In a panic command ATO publishes insane orders, forms in the rear detachments, throws into senseless attack on a well-prepared defense militias inexperienced young men.”

According to the documents, drafted soldiers are either fleeing from battle or surrounding immediately to the Russian opposition.

In addition, one of the letters outlines that more than 12,600 crimes have been recorded for the illegal handling of weapons, ammunition and explosives. The cause? The Ukraine military is failing to keep a correct account of their weapons.

The misappropriation of facts is a military practice that’s not knew – the United States also underreported many deaths in the Vietnam War. But the flooding of unaccounted weapons to the people of Ukraine is highly dangerous and may result in more uprisings across the board.

All of the files can be found on Cyber Berkut’s official website.

Photograph from Wikimedia Commons and image from Shutterstock.

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  • Infinite Wealth

    Why is there even any conflict. Do people think they are fighting over money? Doesn’t everyone realise actually that everyone is fighting to own more debt. Everything we see around is is debt, and everything belongs to the universe. We really need to change the way humans perceive each other and just exactly that money is a fabricated item that is selling debt to you, there are ways in which to change this. Very disappointed at the need to militarise arguments, if the legal system was fair there wouldnt be this sort of problem.

    This is EXACTLY why moving all money to the blockchain, and having unobtrusive transaction and movement tracking are essential, once data is on the blockchain it CANNOT be modified so it is time-stamped evidence, that is why Bitcoin and the Blockchain are so important for human safety and future peace.

    We MUST ensure that the Blockchain is utilised in as much politics, finance and law as much as possible in the future to protect ourselves from laws and government (smiling terrorists?).

    • Artur Denysenko

      To get to roots of conflict refer to Putin with his “Great Russia”, Miloshevich with his “Great Serbia” and Hitler with his “Great Germany” 😉

      • I thought you losers were fleeing

    • Notforgotten

      Are you a complete idiot? How can you possibly get to the conclusion that the solution is to move off of the “cotton standard” and onto the blockchain? This conflict has very little to do with money nor monetary gain. This conflict is about sovereignty, self rule, and global power positioning.

  • Artur Denysenko

    Cyber Berkut is a Russian “hacker group” propaganda group. It’s as truthful as RussiaToday 😉

    • CryptoReporter

      Or as truthful as Poroshenko.

    • Jo

      Thanks for letting us know and helping us put this article into perspective.

      • CryptoReporter

        Documents, smockuments. If you want the real truth I will tell you the truth. I have spent a lot of time in the region and one thing is VERY clear is that western Ukrainians (latin rite christians/polish) HATE WITH PASSION eastern Ukrainians (orthodox christians/russian). Whenever I went to government offices for documents, If we did not speak Ukrainian (official language) and instead spoke Russian influenced Ukrainian we were immediately treated differently. Here in America when looking for a church for my family we ended up a Ukrainian Catholic church and they welcomed us with open arms into their small community until we were spat on and yelled at after the service once they understood we were from eastern Ukraine. So much for Christianity?!

        While in general, most Ukrainians are warm hearted people, Ive NEVER experienced such crap treatment in Russia or from Russians anywhere.

        I now have one dead relative thanks to this war and one missing. My uncle is missing for a week now and my cousins wife (21 yrs old) was shot in the head a month after having their first baby. The rest of my family has fled to Moscow. I have one cousin and his newborn stuck with bombs and artillery all day long because he cannot obtain documentation for his newborn. Will they survive?

        This war began when western funded people formed a coup and toppled the democratically elected president of Ukraine. Agreed, he wasnt a good president, but he was elected into office. The Yatsenyuk government took over which was funded in part by Poroshenko’s money (he was a major monetary contributor of the revolution) and the West. After the dust settled an “election” took place last May and many eastern Ukrainians were blocked from voting just exactly what happened to them during the Orange revolution a few years back. It was a sham election that western nations said was honest. The winner? Poroshenko, the oligarch who helped fund the revolution in the first place.

        • solid12345

          Heh I’m American but took a few hours of Russian in college, I was invited to a party full of Russians once and witness to a Ukrainian man debating with 3 other Russians and it about turned into a fist fight. I think it’s like Israel & Palestine, you just need to make a clear line in the sand and say, “ok, this is your side and this is my side” and leave it at that.

          • CryptoReporter

            Its probably for the best that the two sides just realize the differences and divorce from each other. Whats stupid to me is they are all Slavic.

          • silverdr

            That’s how it was for some good years.

        • Artur Denysenko

          It’s and old ferry-tell about the Evil West toppled a “good tzar”, russophobes killing Russians, and Good Russia that has nothing to do with death.

          This ferry-tell is told for the every war Russia gets into:

          I would recommend this reading:

  • Ghosty

    As a species we need to let go of hate… It has been said that hate is like holding onto a burning hot stone with the intent to throw it at another… You are the one who gets burned…

    We are all connected… Unity consciousness is the only way out of this mess we have created!

    • Flash Reiker

      @Ghosty, thanks Mom. I’m sure Mankind will get right on that.

      • Ghosty

        No… Mankind is insane so I’m sure it won’t at least not in the short term… But some can see the forest through the trees…

  • Doom Sternz

    No surprise here. Ukraine has been as still is the most corrupt country in the world. The US is probably the second most corrupt country in the world.

    In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States had “brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine,” thus admitting to the highest level of democratic impropriety imaginable.

    The Ukrainian Government’s problem in implementing Obama’s planned genocide of the Donbass, is that there just aren’t enough Nazis, and there’s also not enough money, to do the amount of killing that needs to be done in order to enable Obama’s Ukrainian regime to retain the land in Donbass while eliminating the people there.

    Washington and Kiev partner in each other’s crimes against humanity. One fascist regime supports another. And the real reason why Obama’s war in Ukraine is failing is that there just is not enough blood-lust for the task, either in Ukraine, or in “the West.”. Obama has over-reached, when he overthrew Ukraine’s democratically elected President.

  • Nmeofthestate

    “Ukrainian army in their fight for freedom”. Yeah, right. Get a clue. Nobody but the USG and the hardcore NAZIS (or do I repeat myself) that the USG installed in a well documented coup, want this to be a shooting war. That’s why something like 7% of those drafted showed up, and the rest have gone into hiding or fled.