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‘I was Hacked Too’ Says Morgan Stanley Hacker

‘I was Hacked Too’ Says Morgan Stanley Hacker

by Ali RazaSeptember 22, 2015

The hacker who stole data on Morgan Stanley’s wealthiest clients said that he was hacked as well. Someone hacked into the Morgan Stanley hacker’s system and posted the data he had stolen online. 

Galen Marsh, ex-employee of Morgan Stanley, was the centre of news on Monday as he pleaded guilty of stealing the data of over 350,000 of Morgan Stanley’s wealthiest clients. The fired banker pleaded guilty in the Manhattan Federal Court for stealing the data of many of the wealthiest clients of Morgan Stanley which was later posted on the Internet. Although Marsh pleaded guilty of stealing the data, he said that he was hacked as well and that the posting of the data on the internet was done by hackers who had hacked his system.

Galen Marsh was fired from Morgan Stanley when the firm found out that sensitive information about their clients’ accounts had been posted on Pastebin, a file sharing website. Although the FBI had taken Marsh to be their prime suspect initially, they turned their attention to overseas hackers who had accessed Marsh’s computer, according to reports at that time.

Marsh’s lawyer Robert C. Gottlieb told the New York Post that his client did make the mistake of accessing information about the bank’s clients but was innocent when it came to posting that information on the internet. He said that Galen Marsh had no part to play in the information’s online posting and was even unaware that such a thing had happened.

He added:

His plea today, however, clearly and finally establishes that Mr. Marsh never sold, never disclosed, and never posted any confidential information on the Internet. The truth is, that the Internet disclosures were the result of outside hackers and Mr. Marsh had nothing to do with that and had no knowledge of it.

The outcome of this case is yet to happen as Galen Marsh will be sentenced on December 7. He currently faces a jail time of about 37 months. Margaret Draper, Morgan Stanley’s spokeswoman said in a statement that the action taken by the banking firm after discovering of the events shows that no sort of mistreatment of clients’ account information will be entertained by the firm at all.

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  • Jim Brown

    Who ME!!! NOWAY I would ever disclose this
    kind of information!
    Uh, Uh, I was just playin around to see if I
    could do it! Yea that’s it, that’s the ticket,
    Uh, I was just playin see,
    Anen, Anen, Uhhh, somebody hacked ME,
    Yeah, that’s what happened,
    SEEE, I’m really a victim myself see,
    Yeah that’s it, I’m a victim of ahhhh,
    it was a communist conspiracy group from Russia,
    Yeah that’s it Chinese hackers from Russia did it.
    I woulda never put it online, never!!!

    These stories are getting really tiresome.
    More fear mongering and propaganda.
    If ANY of it is true, it simply points out the fact that
    the big banks don’t give a rats’ behind about security.

    Somehow proof of their criminal/fraudulent schemes are
    never leaked, at least not until they have some great spin
    story they can put on it in response.

    I’m betting this entire story is made up out of thin air as
    a future excuse for stealing your money.
    GEE WIZZ we don’t know what really happened, but
    it musta been hackers that stole every bodies money,
    there was nothing we could have done to prevent it.
    Oh well, sorry.